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The best is yet to come

Chet Patel, President, BT in Continental Europe

We’re on the brink of the digital age - a radical coming together of the physical and the digital, the Internet of Things, underpinned with universal connectivity for all. Its impact will be immense and the speed of its approach is breathtaking.

While it took many decades for steam power, electricity and telephony to change the way people live and work, each day we can see the rapid transformational power of digital technology in our personal and professional lives. Already, many of us expect to find Wi-Fi and mobile coverage everywhere, to connect to the internet with the same ease and confidence as flicking a light switch.

The prospect this offers for human progress is exhilarating.  Digital possible imageEven in communities that may lack basic sanitation or reliable power supplies, individuals are already beginning to access education, banking, health care and other life-enhancing digital services.

CIOs and their boardroom colleagues know their organisations need more flexibility and agility to succeed in this digital future. They’re already taking advantage of cloud-based IT services and applications. But there remains an obstacle: CIOs are struggling to get their infrastructure to deliver the rapid response, the easy collaboration and constant innovation that the digital business needs.

Corporate networks fit for the digital age

The arrival of software defined networking and network function virtualisation give us a whole new way to build and manage corporate networks that are fit for the digital age. It’s the sum of the parts; secure and resilient fixed networks plus digitally delivered software to create a dynamic network service.

By using software instead of hardware to create and control the network, SDN/NFV makes wide area networking more flexible, affordable and easier to manage. It lets you fine-tune the network to match your organisation’s needs at any time.

Cloud of clouds

 With our Cloud of Clouds strategy, we are already Clouds imageenabling businesses to take full advantage of cloud computing and services. Now, with our new secure and resilient networking vision and our Dynamic Network Services roadmap, we’re helping CIOs extend all the flexibility and agility of the cloud to their global communications infrastructure, and build a business that can flourish in the digital age.

Download our paper to find out more about how our Dynamic Network Services roadmap and investments will help you advance into the world of software defined networking and shape your infrastructure for the digital future.

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