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How the cloud connects you with customers


10 March 2017

Gavin Mee

Blogs by author: Gavin Mee , Senior Vice President, Enterprise and Head of UK at Salesforce.


Reliable connectivity and performance is key to making the most of the cloud and giving customers the personalised experience they want.

What your customers want.

Customers today expect businesses to personalise their experience and engage with them proactively. They’re looking for one-to-one customer journeys, where companies not only provide a personalised service and understand their needs, but can anticipate them.

In fact, three quarters of consumers agree that they expect a seamless, personalised experience across all channels, and more than half of consumers say they’ll switch brands if a company isn’t effective at anticipating their needs.

But that depth of understanding is almost impossible without the right technology.

Without the cloud, business suffers.

Organisations that haven’t migrated to the cloud are still using multiple legacy systems to manage their data and processes. This leads to a siloed approach to organisational procedures, which prevents a 360-degree view of customers’ data.

These disparate systems make it harder for teams across the business to place the customer at the centre of what they do. And to succeed in the Age of the Customer, companies need to be transforming their business to deliver a standout experience at every touchpoint.

To be competitive and customer-centric, organisations need to tear down the data silos associated with legacy systems so they can analyse data from all areas of their operations and anticipate customers’ changing needs.

The cloud offers agility.

Cumbersome legacy IT systems also make it more difficult for businesses to be nimble and make key decisions quickly. This barrier to innovation can hamper businesses’ relationships with their customers and partners.

With the cloud, organisations bypass unwieldy infrastructure and the delays it causes. This allows businesses to focus on innovation, not infrastructure — because there’s no hardware or software to maintain, and updates are delivered seamlessly and automatically.

It’s a simple and cost-effective way to connect to, and analyse, data — making it easier for organisations to provide a more timely, agile and personalised customer experience.

But it’s also important to make sure you have high-performance connectivity to the cloud, and are accessing all these cloud benefits from a direct, consistent and predictable service.

At Salesforce, we enable companies to connect to their customers in a whole new way, leveraging the combined power of cloud, social, mobile, data science, and IoT technologies. With the innovative Customer Success Platform, we’re setting the global standard for customer relationship management, engagement, and intelligence by integrating sales, service, marketing, community, analytics, IoT, and app development in a trusted cloud for businesses of every size and industry. By allowing companies of every size to put the customer right at the heart of their business, Salesforce is helping businesses everywhere succeed.

A partner ecosystem of cloud providers.

BT research shows that 65 per cent of organisations already have more than half of their applications and infrastructure in the cloud. But less than a fifth have completely migrated to the cloud. So there’s still a huge number of businesses that are missing out on the full benefits of cloud adoption.

Those who are connected through the BT Cloud Connect Direct solution get a high-capacity, high-speed, private, reliable connection — ensuring scalable, flexible and predictable access to mission-critical customer engagement platforms. And that includes Salesforce’s customer success platform.

It’s all part of BT’s Cloud of Clouds vision, to provide a practical route into cloud computing that meets the customer’s needs for choice, flexibility and security.

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