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INFOGRAPHIC: Digital dislocation at work


01 August 2016

Global Services

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With employees and clients all over the world, solving the problem of digital dislocation could be as easy as improving the way your business uses the technology it already has.

Not long ago, the communication technologies we’re using today would have been the stuff of science fiction. To be able to fly to a different country and access all your office files at the touch of a button makes us part of a truly global workplace. But with all the amazing possibilities information and communication technology offers, there are also frustrations and challenges. Achieving the possibilities isn’t just about having the right communication technologies, it’s about knowing how to use them.

The ever-improving nature of technology means that business leaders and employees alike are demanding more from their workplace IT infrastructure. The potential for instant communication means we don’t want to waste any time; we want simplified access to more information than ever before.

There are many aspects of technology that people find frustrating but, used effectively, it leads to greater employee satisfaction and productivity. Check out our infographic to see some of the ways changes in technology, and how we use it, could help us collaborate more effectively in business.

Digital Dislocation at Work - Infographic from BT  from BT Let's Talk

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