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INFOGRAPHIC: Embrace the revolutionaries


07 June 2016

Global Services

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As various parts of the business develop their growth plans they are pushing the IT function for new technology solutions to support their initiatives. The departments most ambitious for support are marketing (44 per cent), client relationship management (38 per cent), R&D (37 per cent) and sales (36 per cent).

Over three quarters (76 per cent) of large organisations across the world have, or plan to adopt, a multi-speed approach to technology-led initiatives, with countries such as Australia and Singapore leading the adoption. Those already using or adopting a multi-speed approach aim to sidestep the difficulties of legacy IT (51 per cent), make their organisation more agile (49 per cent) and improve time to market (46 per cent).

Explore how the world is adopting a multi-speed IT model by reading our infographic below.

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