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Your new career awaits — more security roles now available


13 July 2016

Global Services

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Want to work in an exciting, growing and rewarding sector? Look no further.

The dream job you didn’t think about as a child.

Let’s be honest, when people think about their dream job, a role in cyber security probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Astronaut, spy, firefighter, doctor — those are the jobs that dreams are made of.

But here’s the thing: working in cyber security can be an adrenalin-fuelled, exciting and satisfying career too. The industry is basically a high-stakes (cyber crime currently costs the UK economy £18 billion every year) game of cat and mouse, where security experts are locked in a constant battle to outwit scheming cyber criminals. And built around this conflict is an industry that’s growing fast and throwing up new opportunities and challenges on a daily basis.

A career in a fast-growing industry.

Technology and IT play an ever-more important role in our daily lives, making security essential. After all, we need to protect the systems that we now all rely on. And, because of this growth, cyber-security professionals are in high demand.

As Robert Skyrme, a Security Desk Specialist, says, “There’s a shortage of skilled people in the market. But it’s a growing industry — one that a lot of people are keen to get into.” That’s why the industry is set to expand by almost a tenth every year until 2020. Just imagine the opportunities that will soon be available to anyone kick-starting their cyber security career now.

And one of the things that makes working in cyber security so fulfilling is that it affects pretty much everyone. You can go from talking to multi-national businesses, to governments, to your average Joe on the street — and cyber security is important to each and every one of them.

Here’s your chance to get involved.

If you’re thinking, “yeah that’s all fantastic, but I don’t have the skills or experience to do any of it” — think again. It’s not just about being a programmer — sales plays a big part in the industry, too.

Two sides of the security coin.

The sales side of security is, in itself, diverse and filled with opportunity.

First you’ve got the engineering side of sales — these people make up the technical element of the process. They know cyber-security technology inside out and use this knowledge to provide backup to the rest of the team, as well as to put together the best possible security solutions for customers.

Just ask Security Pre-Sales Engineer Richard Eades. He’ll tell you that “working in security is exciting because new technologies emerge so quickly. It’s also a really positive environment to work in, full of opportunity.”

Then you’ve got the sales specialists. These are the people who work closely with customers, getting to know them so that they can understand their needs and provide them with the right solutions. This means gaining plenty of expertise in the area — as Security Sales Specialist Hanifa Begum can attest to. “We’re lucky to work with experts from government and secret services,” she says. “There’s lots of room to learn and develop — opening doors to new career opportunities within BT.”

Sales specialists work in two distinct areas — either at the office or out with clients. So whether you like to work in a close-knit team, or think you work better alone, there really is a role to suit you. And you don’t have to be an expert right from the get go — there are usually training schemes to help bring you up to speed, and colleagues in the industry are always willing to pass on their knowledge.

Start your new career today.

If any of that sounds tempting to you, then here’s the good news — we’ve got cyber security sales opportunities available right now.  If you could see yourself as a Desk-Based Sales Professional, a Sales Engineer or a Security Sales Specialist, head over to our recruitment page to apply.

You never know, it could be the start of a career exciting enough to make you forget you ever wanted to do something as boring as fighting fire.