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How to overcome competition in the aviation industry


23 February 2017

Global Services

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The aviation industry is more competitive than ever before. Here’s how airlines can use the latest technology to gain the edge over their rivals.

More customers, but more competitors

It’s an exciting time to run an airline. More people want to fly to a wider range of global destinations. And a rise in passenger numbers means greater opportunities for airlines to attract customers.

Aeroplane image from BT Airlines infographic

However, winning these passengers over will be far from easy. Low-cost flights have changed people’s approach to air travel. And this has caused an explosion in competition — with a wider range of airlines working hard to fill the seats on their planes.

Aeroplane image from BT Airlines infographic

Technology gives you the edge

Competition is one of the greatest challenges many airlines face right now. But the good news is, there’s a way to overcome it.

Using new technology — like cloud services, Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) — some airlines are already gaining a competitive advantage by making their operations more efficient and improving their passenger experience.

Aeroplane image from BT Airlines infographic

And regardless of whether an airline’s already started to capitalise on the tech-savvy passenger, there’s plenty more technology out there to keep airlines flying high. Whether an airline wants to provide customers with additional services, or analyse relevant data to find out what passengers want, there’s technology that can help.

Image from BT Airlines infographic

Airlines have a steep climb ahead of them as they attempt to adapt to customer demand. New apps, tools and processes can help them take off ahead of the competition, increasing market share and making sure they’re ready for an even more technological future.

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