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Protecting your business from for-profit cyber-criminal enterprises


20 July 2016

Bas Burger

Blogs by author: Bas Burger, CEO, Global Services


Increasingly sophisticated, highly-organized and dangerously formidable, cyber-criminal enterprises pose a substantial threat to the security and the bottom line of organizations around the globe.

Focused on profits just like the organizations they target, cyber-criminal enterprises are a new breed of security threat. These enterprises are not just comprised of loosely affiliated hackers but rather coordinated and efficient criminal organizations, centrally-controlled and solely focused on generated illicit revenue. These organizations are backed by organized crime and nation states with sophisticated tradecraft.

This emerging threat is creating a security arms race where legitimate organizations are pitted against illegitimate enterprises. Victory is only afforded to the entity that invests in security and strives to maintain their competitive advantage.

The weakest link in your security chain is your greatest vulnerability. With increasing success and efficiency, cyber-criminal organizations are targeting your entire security ecosystem including suppliers, vendors and employees.

According to our joint research with KPMG, 94 per cent of IT decision makers are aware digital criminals could be blackmailing employees to gain access to organizations yet almost half of those organizations admit having no strategy to prevent it from occurring.

Your competition is no longer simply just similar firms within similar industries. Your opposition is now comprised of your industry rivals, evolving business trends and cyber-criminal enterprises focused on illicitly acquiring your organization’s assets.

The time is now to take the offensive and regain your organization’s security to preserve your bottom line.

Taking the Offensive – Working together to disrupt digital crime is available for download.