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Seven stats that show the secret to effective collaboration


11 October 2016

Global Services

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More of your people want to work away from the office, but it’s no guarantee of productivity. Here’s how to give them the tools to collaborate effectively.

Digital dislocation creates collaboration issues.

Mobile working can make your teams more productive, but that’s not always that case. With people spread across different locations, it can be difficult to collaborate effectively — slowing down the decision-making process.

The problem is digital dislocation, and it can cost you extra time, effort and money on each project if you don’t deal with it. Fortunately, we already have the solution…

The right tools make your people more mobile.

Our new infographic — based on our latest research, in partnership with Cisco — shows you how the right collaboration tools allow your people to make the most of mobile working.

Take a look below, and find out more at bt.com/DigitalDislocation.

Working anywhere, on any device, has arrived.  from BT Let's Talk