Delivering accuracy, speed and transparency across the supply chain

BT for Retail

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Delivering accuracy, speed and transparency across the supply chain

Visibility of every item in the supply chain

The advancement of Cloud technology means that customer expectations of their suppliers have never been higher. More than ever before, the supply chain is vital to performing well, everywhere.

You need your supply chain to fulfill customer orders in the most cost effective way; enable complete end-to-end visibility of stock availability to give control, predictability and inventory accuracy, meet your customers’ expectation of anytime/anywhere fulfillment; make stock available no matter where it is to reduce the need to discount stock and optimise warehouse space; allow your customers to track and trace key assets and items to increase sales and improve customer service.

We can:

  • Help you improve asset management, accuracy and transparency across your entire supply chain. So you can fulfill orders in the most cost-effective way, drive up margins and meet customers’ expectations of anytime, anywhere fulfillment.
  • Give complete end to end visibility of stock availability, ensuring control, predictability and inventory accuracy.
  • Automate more processes and provide mobile employees with direct access to business applications.
  • Streamline the production process using conferencing and collaboration portals, shrinking lead times and reducing markdowns.
  • Make sure you get everything in the right place at the right time for the right people - from forecasting and assortment planning to shipping, allocation and replenishment


Integrated Store: A cross-channel solution that really brings everything – and everyone – together:

Before, all we were trying to do was get orders in, fulfil them and send them back. Now we’re being much more proactive. We can look at our international and wholesale customers’ sales and stock and offer what we think they need. And they’re taking it, so we’re increasing our own sales as a result.”
- Melanie Traub, Wholesale and Franchise Director, Thomas Pink


BT Trace for Retail using RFID

Using RFID in store to manage your inventory.

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Supply Chain Management

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A report by the faculty at the University of Tennessee