How to get smart about prevention

How to get smart about prevention

Cyber security

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Expect the unexpected

A proactive approach gives organisations the upper hand

Many executives still fail to understand how every aspect of their business now relies on IT.  As complex, interconnected ecosystems, organisations are at risk from just one highly-targeted email with malicious intent. Every business is a potential target and must take a proactive approach to counter the loss of data that has increased by 400% in the past three years.

In addition to getting the basics right to counter known threats, organisations need to enhance their prevention capabilities to manage the risks of threats they have not seen before. Zero-day and advanced persistent threats can easily bypass traditional security controls such as AV that rely on having seen a threat before.

Smart Prevention – defending against zero day threats

The rise in advanced zero day threats, means that your organisation’s cyber security strategy must have the right controls to ensure protection. Luke Beeson, BT and Mark Simmons, Check Point Software Technologies discuss the challenges and how their Smart Prevention capabilities can give you the upper hand in security.

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Security measures for your organisation should never be a choice between preventative and detective measures. Your security strategy should be multi-layered and include both. That’s how you’ll be able to protect against the rise of advanced threats.

BT and Check Point are working together to help organisations, using new sandblasting techniques to protect against these advanced threats. Check Point’s capabilities in exploit detection coupled with BT’s expert human analysis, empower organisations to expose and take action against even the most advanced unknown attacks without inhibiting end users.

Find out more on what steps to take to protect your organisation, by watching our BT and Check Point webinar.

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The five stages of cyber maturity

The five stages of cyber maturity

Cyber security is a journey, not a destination.

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