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Microsoft Skype for Business – work together how you choose

One Cloud Microsoft Skype for Business with Office 365 Cloud PBX

Cloud-delivered voice enables you to make, receive, and transfer calls to and from phones, mobile phones, tablets, and PCs, from nearly anywhere that has Internet or fixed network access. We deliver this on a pay per user per month basis, combined with BT’s SIP based PSTN services and calling packages. All supported by an end to end managed service wrap which includes a Quality of Experience service, ensuring that voice quality is pro-actively monitored against a pre-determined baseline and any issues can be quickly resolved.

We’ve integrated the Skype Operations Framework with our Advise One professional services capabilities to help you get the most out of your Microsoft Office deployment by moving all users to the cloud faster – through detailed and customised planning, agreed delivery and in life operations, including end to end analytics and reporting.

Persona modelling

Our methodology is based on grouping users into personas, groups of people with the same need, ways of working. A clear view of the personas informs the right technology choices.

  • We start with the Digital Employee front of mind. Our experience shows that if we make it work for each individual we get the best outcome. That means the right services, at the right price, great user experience end-to-end and a plan to get fast take up of a new experience.
  • We can’t make a plan and a service bespoke for every employee, so we group them into personas who have the same needs and work modes.

    Our experience means we can start with a set of persona templates that we then customise. We plan the services, adoption, business case and outcomes around these personas
  • We have a broad catalogue of cloud, network, mobile, management and service capabilities that we bring together into the right set of services and experience for every persona. We price these services so that there is a flexible and transparent price for each persona.
  • We know that Adoption and Engagement are key to the outcome. The right plan for adoption drives early take up, lower project costs and early benefits. Each persona will have their own particular adoption requirements and plan.

    For each persona we will have a different measure of success, different KPI’s for progress and impact and different reporting. We build these in from the start. We focus on measuring adoption, user experience and quality, costs and key indicators of productivity

BT’s Digital Employee transformation strategy aligns perfectly with the Microsoft SOF Plan, Deliver and Operate model.

Microsoft SOF Plan, Deliver and Operate model

Download our BT One Cloud Microsoft for Office 365 SOF offer datasheet.

Connect first time, every time with fully integrated comms

  • Multi-party HD video meetings. Work up to 1080p HD resolution so participants see a sharp, clear display and gain more confidence in their team interactions.
  • Connects with BT’s SIP trunking services – enabling voice calls to landlines and mobiles outside your organisation.
  • Works with the kit you already have. You don’t need anything fancy to use Skype for Business’s video functions. It works with most monitors/screens and it’s easy to hook it up to AV equipment from most brands. Mobile and web: faster, easier, and more reliable. With better mobile and web clients, your people can collaborate however and wherever they like. Integration with the Skype directory - Skype for Business users can connect over the Internet with hundreds of millions of Skype users right from the Skype for Business user interface.

Additional BT options for cloud-integrated solutions:

Voice Recording
One Cloud Microsoft supports the connectivity to any of the Microsoft accredited voice recording solutions, either hosted in the BT cloud or on-premises or in public clouds environments such as Azure.

Contact Centre
BT Cloud Contact Microsoft is a fully featured contact centre solution, available on a pay per agent per month basis. It uses Skype for Business to provide traditional contact centre functions that managers, supervisors and agents would expect, whilst improving the end customer experience by extending communications channels (like voice, chat, video, e-mail and social media). 

Analytics and reporting
One Cloud monitoring delivers analytics and reporting tools via our cloud services infrastructure on a pay per user per month basis. It offers a comprehensive set of UC performance management and troubleshooting capabilities helping you manage your communications ecosystems to make sure your business and your customers have the best experience possible.

The details

Microsoft Skype for Business – work together how you choose

Freedom to talk however you want

  • Get people together with audio, video and web conferencing.
  • People can get answers quickly and collaborate in new ways with instant messaging (IM) and presence.
  • Skype for Business federation let your people talk with other organizations and use public IM services. You don’t have to be in the office, we can extend these features to your mobile users too
  • When your people need a good old-fashioned voice chat, we can take care of that with voice delivered from the cloud.
  • And as Skype for Business has directory integration with traditional Skype, you can see the presence, message and call with voice or video to 100s of millions of Skype users worldwide. – Vastly expanding your community.

Cut all your comms costs

  • Instant messaging and presence can cut mobile phone bills by up to 30 per cent, email traffic by up to 40 per cent, and voicemail by up to 15 per cent.
  • With voice over the network, you can talk free of charge with other users across your Wide Area Network or externally over the internet to worldwide Skype users.
  • And even if they’re not Skype users, you can still save on existing call costs by breaking out over our SIP trunk service to call landlines and mobiles – saving up to 30% versus traditional public telephone networks.

Cut travel costs: With improved ways of communicating without being face to face, your users won’t need to travel as much – saving not just costs, but people’s time, making them more effective and improving their work life balance. It reduces carbon footprints too.

Flexible architecture to suit you

  • We’ll listen to you to create the best solution for your organisation, either by leveraging Skype for Business Online native or hybrid topologies
  • We look after your whole system: our partners are industry leaders in audio, video, and devices that connect home or business networks to the internet.
  • And because our architecture’s modular, we’ll be able to quickly add additional servers and storage as your organisation grows.

The whole package from one expert provider. Connecting people and getting them talking is in our DNA.

  • We think unified communications should be hand-in-hand with your voice calls system. So we can manage these end to end for you.

Making it work with what you have already. Our BT Advise professional services team can also integrate Skype for Business with your existing voice infrastructure – for voice, IM and presence and/or video – depending on what you need.

“When your people need a good old-fashioned voice chat, we can take care of that with Voice delivered from the cloud”


This offer is available across UK and Europe, Americas and Asia Pacific. As the service is accessed over the internet, coverage is available wherever you can connect – country regulations permitting.

Please contact us for full list of countries in which you can sign up.