Transform the end user experience and improve the business case for collaboration

Collaboration solutions to make the conversation better

Technology has transformed entertainment.  It’s all high definition, super-clear surround-sound and available anywhere and on any device.  Imagine a world where the same experience is available from the communications technology we use at work with colleagues, suppliers and customers around the world.  Imagine how much clearer the conversation would be.  Ambiguity becomes a thing of the past.  Trust is clear and present. With effective unified communications and collaboration, well informed decisions come faster.

Leading a revolution in voice
At BT, we have built our reputation and our business around a powerful reality. Talking is the common communications ground for us all – both at work and at home.  While we might operate our organisations with different processes and have different ways of working, when it comes down to it the big decisions are made, the best ideas are formed, and sustainable value is created by talking to each other.

But now we’re revolutionising voice to make that conversation even better. With advanced collaboration technologies endless new opportunities are emerging – and BT is helping organisations to harness the power of business collaboration and realise significant benefits.

We offer a range of collaboration solutions – not just voice but video, conferencing, and mobile solutions all underpinned by an excellent network  – that can greatly enhance the communications experience. And, with our unrivalled experience, we’re uniquely positioned to help you make the most of it.

BT UK is a leader in the UK IPT and UC market because it offers advanced and proven solutions based on strong partnerships with multiple vendors”
- Current Analysis, BT UK IPT & UC Services, May 2013

Making it happen

At whatever stage of the communications revolution you happen to be, BT can take you forward:

  • We make it work by bringing best-of-breed collaboration solutions, and a unique integration methodology. We understand voice, and how to make it work for business
  • We make it work commercially, with an exclusive partnership with Dolby, and the only truly flexible pricing for Cisco’s cloud hosted collaboration solution in the market. Helping you build the business case for change
  • We make it work because we understand that to get a great experience you need a great collaboration-ready infrastructure. We’ve got the track record of delivering that. Across business processes, in different industries, right around the world

With collaboration solutions from BT, the conversation just gets better.

Collaboration infographic

Collaboration solutions from BT


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BT Collaboration overview

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With simple, secure effective collaboration, the conversation just gets better


Collaboration solutions from BT (infographic)

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With collaboration solutions from BT the journey to better conversations is simple and smooth