Use the cloud to transform your customer experience

Global contact centre solutions.

Case Study

Etihad Airways: Virtual contact centre drives airline's future success

Linking contact centres in the cloud gives every customer a first class experience, wherever their call lands

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As the national carrier of the United Arab Emirates we want passengers to feel like our guests from the very first call, wherever they are.”
Ruth Birkin Head of Global Contact Centres, Etihad Airways


Use the cloud to improve your customer experiences

Rapidly deploy state-of-the-art capabilities to meet your ever-changing needs.

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Using AI to augment humans and redesign operations

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Keeping ahead of changing technology and changing consumer wants

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Digital workplace employees need enterprise communications to be more harmonised than unified

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How you balance the risk and reward of the cloud

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We need to be able to quickly and flexibly increase our compute capacity. The only way to do that economically is in the cloud.”

Álvaro de Nicolás

CIO, Hotelbeds Group

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