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Our Customer Experience Centres

Our CECs give you the chance to see how technology can transform your organisation.

Technology is transforming the world. It will transform your business too.

Digital technology is moving at dizzying pace. As users, we’ve adapted to that pace, but as businesses, it can be harder to keep up.

How do you successfully adapt quickly, stay secure, keep costs down and seize new opportunities, when the landscape’s always changing?

Come to one of our state-of-the-art Customer Experience Centres and see for yourself how you can fast-track and future-proof your global digital business in an interactive, live environment. We’ll guide you on your digital transformation journey, showing you the tech that’ll help you move to the cloud, turn collaboration into part of your culture, transform your customer service and simplify your network securely.

Our four key areas

We have a variety of demos to showcase our technology. We’ve invested in innovation that covers all major aspects of a business’ architecture, categorising demos into four key areas, all of which are delivered by our team of experts.


You need infrastructure that can support agile working, enable your cloud strategy, deliver the experience needed on evermore demanding applications – all whilst being secure. We can help you unlock the future of your infrastructure.

Contact centre

Creating a powerful and memorable experience for your customers becomes more challenging when you need to offer a whole range of digital contact channels. We can work with you to determine the best channels, tools, processes and partners to deliver it.


The right mobile and collaboration technologies will help you turbocharge your digit al transformation. We understand the cost pressures you’re facing with helping your users to communicate and collaborate like never before.


You want to protect and expand your organisation, but you don’t want to risk new security challenges. We have the technology and intelligence to spot and tackle global cybersecurity threats before they become the stuff of headlines.

Our CECs showcase our forward-thinking technological developments across multiple industries, including robotics, smart cities, software, and even virtual reality. All supported by our unrivalled 5G capabilities.

It’s why the world’s biggest companies turn to our services, platforms and partners to connect and protect what matters most.

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increase business agility and innovation through the move to cloud

Each visit is personally tailored for you by your account manager and CEC team to make sure you’re given the insights needed to expand your organisation’s digital future.

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