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Supporting customers during the pandemic

How we’re keeping organisations operational and secure.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced businesses across the world to rapidly implement changes to their operations – particularly around connectivity, collaboration and security – and we’ve been instrumental in supporting those changes for many multinationals.

As time has moved on, the initial demands have changed to more long-term, sustainable and secure considerations, such as "How do I…..

  • keep my business operational with people working remotely
  • identify which of my employee groups represent the most security risk?
  • realise costs savings from my remote working solutions?
  • reduce my long-term network costs while also meeting changing bandwidth demands?
  • prioritise my biggest risks and compliance gaps?
  • deliver a better experience with my business-critical cloud-based apps?
  • improve collaboration tool adoption?
  • migrate to an SD-WAN solution, but minimise the impact of changing?
  • use omnichannel bots to handle unpredictable peaks in demand?
  • better manage my homeworking agents?
  • accelerate my AI adoption to better equip my agents?

Technology has played a crucial role in helping organisations maintain operations and enable their employees to work from home.

Please get in touch with your account manager if there’s anything we can do to help.

Some examples of how we’ve helped customers…

Banking and financial services

A financial services company – needed support with their business continuity management to transition office-based workers, branch staff and contact centre agents to remote working. We reviewed their delivery programs and prioritised the provision of services such as new 10G internet, laptops and mobile devices for contact centre users.

A central bank – had never offered its workforce homeworking. Within three days, we’d increased their network bandwidth and enabled 3,500 of their employees to work from home. We also rapidly resolved a DDoS problem which had been caused by an extra 2,500 devices connecting to the VPN.

An Asian life insurance company – needed to rapidly increase its remote access capability to 22,000 employees. We helped by increasing the infrastructure and network capacity to support this – doubling capacity in the space of a week. We also accelerated the implementation of a video conferencing solution to enable collaboration with employees working in offices and at home.

A global life assurance provider – we helped them by quickly delivering increased bandwidth to support working from home. We also completed an urgent call recording upgrade to ensure regulatory compliance of users working from home. We did this over a weekend when it would normally take over two weeks to complete.

Resources, manufacturing and logistics

A sustainable building materials and construction solutions company – needed to implement remote working as part of their contingency plan. We responded by quickly extending VPN access, increasing bandwidth at their central hub. This enabled their front office agents to take orders from home with full cloud contact centre functionality.

An international airline carrier – was experiencing a sharp increase in calls to their internal absence team. We quickly provided a telephone number, lines and a queuing system to enable UK-based teams to report an absence and get coronavirus advice.

Technology, life sciences and business services

A multinational technology conglomerate – critically needed to increase internet bandwidth due to a sharp rise in the use of VoIP and video. In just 60 hours, we increased capacity to 60Gbps, 50% more than they needed.

A leading UK-based telecoms provider – needed to help their end customers manage increased call volumes on their bridges. One customer was experiencing triple its usual volumes and needed to host a weekly call for 600 participants in Asia Pacific which their local bridge couldn’t support. Within 24 hours, we were able to redirect the call using the UK bridges which were quiet at that time. For another of their customers, we doubled capacity on their bridges in 48 hours and made a special exemption for one power user hosting financial market calls for 300 employees every morning to increase capacity from 45 to 300 users per call.

Two subsidiaries of a global provider of rail solutions - needed to quickly upgrade their internet bandwidth. For one subsidiary, we increased bandwidth from 100 to 200Mbps within two days and have since upgraded it to 400Mbps. For another subsidiary, we also increased bandwidth from 100 to 200Mbps within 10 days, and without new hardware or physical access to their premises, we were able to upgrade the backup circuit and balanced the traffic with the master.

A multinational professional services company – needed to make complex changes in their network. We provided seamless VPN access for more than 21,000 users and disconnected their data centre from our network.

We’re here to help

Now may be the time you’re reflecting on the changes you've made, reviewing how sustainable and secure they are, and reassessing how to plan ahead.

We can help you optimise the changes you've made – from an experience, security, cost or productivity perspective.

Whether it’s practical help or reassurance, we’re here to help, so please get in touch with your account manager.