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The Coronavirus is a global pandemic and the impact is changing on a daily basis.

Working from home has taken on a new dimension as businesses try to figure out how to keep operations up and running.

This is where technology can make a crucial difference.

Our customers are asking us "How do I…..

  • keep my business operational with people working remotely?
  • manage a big increase in people working from home?
  • set up remote or home working in a matter of days?
  • stay operational in a virtual world?
  • increase my bandwidth capacity in a matter of hours?
  • keep employees productive if they have to go through a period of self-isolation?
  • keep my employees productive if we need to temporarily close a site?

How we’re supporting our customers

We’re helping our customers keep their global businesses running by making sure they can continue to communicate and collaborate with colleagues, partners and customers all over the globe.

Some of the areas we’ve looked at are short-term upgrades to network capacity, increased VPN connectivity to allow for more remote working, extra conferencing and collaboration tools and user support to ensure continued access and use of the tools.

Some examples of how we’ve helped customers

Banking and financial services

  • A financial services company – needed support with their business continuity management and planning to transition office-based workers, branch staff and contact centre agents to remote working. We reviewed current delivery programs and prioritised the provision of services such as new 10G internet, laptops and mobile devices for contact centre users, switching / routing / security equipment for contingency, and additional contact centre licenses.
  • A central bank – has never offered homeworking. Within three days, we increased their network bandwidth and enabled 3,500 of their employees to work from home. We also rapidly resolved a DDoS problem caused by an extra 2,500 devices connecting to the VPN.
  • An Asian life insurance company – needed to rapidly increase its remote access capability to 22,000 employees. We helped by increasing the infrastructure and network capacity to support this – doubling capacity in the space of a week. We also accelerated implementation of a video conferencing solution to enable collaboration with employees still working in offices.
  • A global life assurance provider – we helped them by quickly delivering increased bandwidth to support working from home. We also completed an urgent call recording upgrade to ensure regulatory compliance when users worked from home. This was done over a weekend when it normally takes over two weeks.

Resources, manufacturing and logistics

  • A sustainable building materials and construction solutions company – needed to implement remote working as part of their contingency plan. We responded by quickly extending VPN access, increasing bandwidth at their central hub, and enabling their front office agents to take orders from home with full cloud contact centre functionality.
  • An international airline carrier – was experiencing a sharp increase in calls to their internal absence team. We quickly provided a telephone number, lines and a queuing system to enable UK-based teams to report an absence and get advice on Coronavirus.

Technology, life sciences and business services

  • A global vaccine company – wanted to make sure their contact centre operations could move from fixed desk to homeworking. We increased One Mobile Secure Access capacity, adding 1,150 new licenses, and delivered their call centre project two months ahead of schedule. Agents were quickly set up to work from home, keeping them safe and making sure customers are still getting their usual service.
  • A global pharmaceutical company – needed a super-fast service upgrade for their homeworking contingency plans. In just over a day, we accelerated internet upgrades which increased VPN capabilities from 2GB to 4GB, helping 30,000 people to work from home using VPN traffic. We also delivered an urgent migration of IT service desks to One Cloud Cisco, so agents can work remotely and support customers across many countries.
  • A pharmaceutical company – needed to manage a surge in employees working from home around the world. We helped make sure their digital capabilities were operational, their network and VPN access points met the demand and there was no disruption to product supply.
  • An international healthcare business – asked us to help them strengthen their network and security. We upgraded their core direct-connect internet and provided DDoS (distributed denial of service) security. We’ve also increased their WebEx accounts and run some large managed BT event conference calls. Next, we’re discussing bulk SMS to support internal and external communications.

Our 3-step approach to remote working

Make sure:

  1. you have the connectivity and infrastructure to support an increase in home working
  2. you have processes and technology in place to protect your remote users and data
  3. you have the collaboration tools you need – including extra licenses, extra capacity or enabling video for your existing users.

How we could help you – an overview

You have the connectivity and infrastructure to support a boom in home working
You can easily protect your remote users and data


Next steps

If your organisation is being affected, please get in touch. We can help you design and implement contingency plans and share valuable insight into how BT and other large multinationals are using their technology to stay operational during this time of uncertainty.

Whether it’s practical help or reassurance, we’re here to help.