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past webinar

Accelerating your sustainability journey: cloud as an enabler

  • Online
  • 5 Oct 2022
  • 09:00 UK Time

Building technology ecosystems that put sustainability at the heart of digital transformation is a key part of BT’s strategy. Especially as we see organisations make sustainability one of their top priorities, balancing business objectives that drive increased consumption of natural resources against our collective desire to leave a more sustainable planet for generations to come. Together with Rackspace we will deliver cloud technologies that innovate for purpose and connect for good.

Srini Koushik will provide his perspective from Rackspace position as a leader in the cloud space, while BT’s Sarwar Khan will share ideas for improving sustainability and outline how BT will build sustainability into the customer journey.

Also, explored during the webinar is defining sustainability universally and, how the hybrid/multi-cloud can help to achieve sustainability objectives for the organisations that we work with. Plus, we will discuss the role of environmental, social and governance for global organisations, outlining challenges and solutions. Finally, we will cover how collaboration is accelerating sustainability from both a vendor and customer perspective.


  • Sarwar Khan – head of global digital sustainability, BT’s Global unit (HOST)
  • Srini Koushik – CTO and chief product officer, Rackspace Technology


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