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Digital Industries Webinar Series

  • Online
  • 1 Sep 2022


Date and Time Topic


1 Sep, 11:00–11:30 UK time 

Industry 4.0: The inside track on digital transformation in manufacturing


Alexandra Foster, director manufacturing, BT (moderator)
Norbert Pinske, Pinske Consult, Former IT Executive at Nestlé, key BT GAB member
Carl Morris, Sector CTO Digital Industries

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We believe that digitalisation and Industry 4.0 is not just about more connectivity and cloud-based working – it’s about how we innovate for purpose and connect for good. We’re committed to acting responsibly by providing better access to new technology that earns trust and transforms lives.

In this webinar, we’ll explore the interlinked relationships between how your manufacturing organisation can implement Industry 4.0, how you can improve efficiency and hold down costs, and how you can operate more sustainably. In our vision of digital manufacturing, you can achieve all this with the right strategy and execution.


30 Aug, 15.00–15:30 UK time 

Retail: How technology is reimagining the customer experience whilst optimizing retail operations


Sarah Moseley, Head of Industry Solutions, BT 
David Owens, CEO and founder at Everyangle 
Dean Cookson, Marketing Director, Purple 


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The past two years have been a perfect storm for retailers. Caught between the pandemic, rapidly evolving consumer demands, the supply chain crisis, and an increasing pressure to become more sustainable, retailers have been pushed to rapidly evolve and adapt to remain competitive.

For many retailers, this has accelerated their digital transformation agenda far beyond anything they could have predicted.

Implementing a strategy that delivers seamless, integrated, and stress-free experiences for consumers is vital. But how do you lay the foundations for digital expansion, and how do you know which technologies can make a real difference for both consumers and retail operations?

In our webinar, together with our partners, Everyangle and Purple, we will:

  • consider the new retail landscape and its impact on digitising retail

  • explore some of the game-changing innovations driving retail transformation and how they are pushing the boundaries of what's possible in redefining the shopping experience whilst optimising operations

  • share insight into how the benefits of these technologies can be realised by laying the foundations for long-term digital expansion.



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Sustainability: The role of digitalisation in the race to net zero


Jon Bernstein, moderator 
Gary Barton, principal analyst, global data 
Sarwar Khan, Head of Global digital sustainability, BT 
Rebecca Howard, Head of Supplier Relationship Management, Coventry Building Society

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The current pace at which businesses must of innovate and transform is unprecedented. Now, more than ever, it’s crucial to maximise digital technology whilst, at the same time, acting sustainably. In this webinar, we introduce some new primary research - conducted by Global Data on behalf of BT and Cisco - into how organisations are tackling sustainability.

Gary Barton from Global Data will provide his key insights from the research, while BT’s Sarwar Khan will share ideas for improving sustainability and outline how BT can help you achieve net zero.

The session’s facilitated by digital technologist, Jon Bernstein, and we’re also fortunate enough to have Rebecca Howard from Coventry Building Society to demonstrate how technology and digitisation are playing a role in sustainability for our wider society. Together, the panel will:

We’ll dip into that whitepaper during our discussion. Among the themes that we’ll discuss are:

  • illustrate the steps organisations can take to meet their sustainability targets

  • discuss the importance of the supply chain ecosystem

  • look at what their own organisations are doing to reach zero emissions and the work they’re doing with their customers to help them reduce their carbon footprint.


25 Aug, 15:00–15:30 UK time 

Digital Finance: Taking financial services digital


Jon Bernstein, host/moderator 
James Cronk, managing director, financial services 
Lynne De Forest, sales director for international banking 
Richard Troman, principal, Customer Technology Office

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To live up to customer expectations and respond to market competition, leaders in the financial services sector are looking to develop innovative approaches that go beyond traditional infrastructure models. These avenues are likely to have a digital focus and an emphasis on customer centricity and customer intimacy.

And yet digital transformation isn’t limited to digitalising the front-end. Indeed, to fully transform, organisations will need to replace legacy infrastructure and integrate the middle and back offices as well.

With all that in mind, BT’s latest whitepaper looks at some of the challenges financial services organisations are facing today and some practical steps required to address those challenges.

We’ll dip into that whitepaper during our discussion. Among the themes that we’ll discuss are:

  • emerging trends in the financial services market

  • the technologies driving transformation

  • how digitalisation might help address the sustainability challenge

  • and the role BT’s playing in all of this.