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Hybrid headaches webinar series

  • Online
  • 27 Apr 2021

Hybrid working is here – but what challenges will this bring when shaping a digital workplace?

Our new three part webinar series – Hybrid headaches – unpacks the trends and insights global organisations need to consider as they make the transition.


Date and Time Topic


27 Apr, 15:00–15:30 UK time 

Part 2: What is the future of the workplace?


Pat Goss, Head of sales, Digital workplace, BT (Host) 
Dr Nicola Millard, Principal innovation partner, BT 
Jon Martin, Head of meetings portfolio, BT 
Magnus Falk, CIO Advisor for Zoom

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Like many people around the world, the chances are you’re thinking about returning to your workplace later this year. But it won’t be the same as it was before.  In fact, 60% of business executives believe offices will be very different post-pandemic as hybrid brings a new era for our places of work.

However, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to this new way of working. Organisations need to establish what hybrid means for them, the challenges associated with it and how their workplaces will serve the needs of their employees, now and in the future.

Join us and our partner Zoom on Tuesday 27 April, as we explore this in part 2 of our Hybrid headaches series.


May 2021

Part 3: How do you make your voice heard?

More details will be added here soon.


14 Apr, 15.00–15:30 UK time 

Part 1: Is choice a double-edged sword?


Colin Pratt, Digital workplace director, BT
Jon Martin, Head of meetings portfolio, BT
Pat Goss, Head of sales, digital workplace, BT (Host)

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The average business executive uses 3.5 collaboration tools. Choice can often be seen as a privilege, particularly when it provides better opportunities in the technology space, but what if that same privilege creates a paradox? The beauty of choice, if managed correctly, can enable you to establish and fine tune a successful hybrid workplace strategy to suit the changing needs of your organisation. However, uncontrolled and ill-managed choice can become a burden to both your strategy and workforce – affecting return on investment, productivity and user experience.

What if you could manage the paradox of choice to firmly establish your hybrid strategy and effectively enable your workforce with the right technology?

Watch the replay of part one of our new ‘Hybrid headaches’ webinar series to find out how…