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The digital office webinar series

  • Online
  • 14 - 21 Jul 2020

The digital office is the beginning of a different way of working. Join our experts as we explore the latest trends.


Date and Time Topic

14 July, 15.00 – 15.30

5 steps to a balanced business comms diet

Dr Nicola Millard, Principal innovation partner , BT

Over the years, the boundaries of the 9 to 5 day have been gradually eroded. The problem now is not connection, it is disconnection! It’s this seemingly simple act of switching off that the ‘balanced communications diet for business’ aims to tackle. And like any good diet, the ‘Balanced communications diet for business’ has five steps. Tune in to hear how to be productive in a distracting world.

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21 July, 15.00 – 15.30

Life after lockdown - Using technology to reshape remote and office working

Dr Nicola Millard, Principal innovation partner, BT
Andrew Small, Digital Solutions Director, BT
Tristan Morgan, Director of Global advisory, BT
Kate Denison, Head of portfolio marketing and partners

Crisis often brings out both the best and the worst in us. But it does one thing very effectively… it forces us to revisit the ways we do things. Join us as we explore how organisations have pulled together to achieve these things in timescales which would be inconceivable pre-crisis. We have no idea how, or when, this will end, but it’s created a future that is up for grabs. A future where technology is instrumental as we radically rethink the ways we live and work.

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