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The security insights and trends series

  • Online
  • 30 Jun 2022

Security is now more important than ever as we adapt to this new normal. Join our security experts as we share insight from our experiences and explore the key topics shaping your security strategy for the future. 


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30 June, 12:00–12:30 UK time 

Look again at security automation: top 5 things to consider


Joanna Steed – Security Advisory Services, BT (HOST)
Tris Morgan – Director, Security Advisory Services, BT  
Lee Stephens – Security Advisory Services, BT

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Accepting automation in cybersecurity is a critical part of an organisation’s defence in today’s threat landscape.

With so many modern cyberattacks now heavily automated, enterprises need to adopt more automation to level the playing field. AI-powered automation can help identify relevant intelligence from the sea of incoming data that threatens to overwhelm the security department, as well as taking on more mundane security tasks. This frees up staff to focus on urgent and high priority threats – something that’s especially important considering the shortage of cyber skills affecting so many organisations. 

Implementing automation is no easy task though. Join our panel of security experts as we provide insight on:

  • our experience of implementing automation ourselves
  • the top 5 considerations for implementation
  • what the future holds 


18 Nov, 15:00–15:30 UK time 

Supply chain consequences: managing a dirty network


Tristan Morgan, Director security advisory services, BT
Natalie Walker, Virtualised security lead, BT
Steve Benton, Deputy CISO director protect services and operations, BT

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Many organisations rely on a complex chain of suppliers and partners to operate, many of which have access to critical systems and information. Supply chain security is a growing concern and vulnerabilities at any point in the chain can leave you open to serious threat and disruption.

With recent incidents throwing into question many of the assumptions upon which supply chain security approaches are based, how will you evolve your strategy and response?

Watch the replay of our webinar as we share unique insight on:

  • The right approach to take – assume a breach position
  • Steps to manage and secure a dirty network
  • How to maintain full estate visibility
  • Putting the right controls and mechanisms in place


19 Oct, 15:00–15:30 UK time 

5 security insights to shape your cyber strategy


Tristan Morgan, Director of security advisory services, BT
Robert Daniels, Senior manager, Security portfolio strategy & propositions, BT
Marcus Hickman, Director, Davies Hickman Partners
Joanna Steed, Senior manager, Security marketing, BT

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Cybersecurity – and user perceptions of cybersecurity – will determine the success of digital businesses everywhere.

Earlier this year we canvassed the opinions of over 7000 business leaders, employees and consumers from across the world on their attitudes to cybersecurity. We identified five major insights that are changing the role of the CISO, and some worrying behaviours that show the need for a strategic response. It’s time to look again and reassess your approach to security.



4 Oct, 15:00–15:30 UK time 

Securing the future of work


Tristan Morgan, Director security advisory services, BT
Joanna Steed, Senior manager security marketing, BT

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The widespread shift to working remotely has inadvertently created a much larger attack surface. The sheer number of new locations, devices and networks that organisations are managing today calls for a security rethink – a need that’s magnified by the increase in threats over the past 18 months.

As we start to get a better view of what the future might hold, it’s a good time to look again at your security strategy.

In our next webinar in the Security Insights and Trends series we will explore:

  • the future of work and what this means for security
  • the new opportunities for attack
  • the key security priorities to keep organisations safe
  • how to balance the risk with the opportunity


27 Oct, 15:00–15:30 UK time 

A new cloud security strategy for a new normal

David Stark, Security Portfolio Director , BT
Michael Wolkowicz, US Sales Director , BT

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Your cloud security strategy will have changed over the last 6 months. You will have reacted at pace to the pandemic so now’s the time to pause and re-assess for the future.

In this webinar replay,  we explore the trends and topics shaping the future of cloud security. You also get a unique insight into how our own cloud security strategy has evolved over the last few months. We share with you how our approach has changed and what the future looks like for us. 


8 July, 16:00–16:30 UK time 

5 tips to secure a cloud-based world


Shirley Wardle, Senior Manager, Global Security Partners, BT (Host)
Phil Packman, CISO, commercial contracts, BT
Greg Day, CSO and VP EMEA, Palo Alto Networks

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For many companies, the cloud is the only viable way to manage the future of work. Only a cloud-based infrastructure can offer the scalability, flexibility, simplified costs, and improved user experiences pandemic and post-pandemic working calls for.

But while the cloud provides a number of clear security advantages, it’s important to be aware of the new risks moving to the cloud brings. We can help you avoid common migration difficulties, develop your cloud strategy, and embrace the fast, flexible, and agile benefits of cloud consumption without increasing your security risk.

In our next webinar in the security insights and trends series we will explore:

  • how the future of work is moving the cloud forward
  • 5 tips to secure the cloud with confidence as you evolve your strategy.


30 Mar, 16:00–16:30 UK time 

When two worlds collide: How to define your IT/OT Security strategy


Tristan Morgan, Director security advisory services, BT
Hila Meller, VP security, Europe, BT
Richard Bainbridge, Security portfolio, BT

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Many organisations are looking to connect their OT and IT environments as part of their Digital Transformation, but this will make their critical OT infrastructure more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Threat actors are increasingly targeting OT as an entry point as it's often less well protected. The impact of an attack is far-reaching, from operational disruption to potentially physical safety issues.

Watch the replay of our webinar as we share insight on how to:

  • gain visibility of threats
  • maintain ongoing monitoring
  • integrate your OT management into your infrastructure
  • define the right use cases for your organisation
  • implement controls


15 Dec, 10:00–10:30 UK time 

SASE: how to define the most effective strategy


Tristan Morgan, Director of security advisory services, BT
James Todd, Security CTO, BT
David Stark, Security portfolio director, BT

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Security thinking has been moving towards Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) for some time now to protect the new dynamic perimeter. It brings together connectivity and network security into a single policy-driven service that provides consistent centrally-managed access and security from edge to edge.

Watch our latest webinar in our Security insights and trend series as we share our experience and give you unique insight into:

  • the BT approach to SASE
  • how to move to SASE in the most simple and cost effective way
  • how to mitigate the risks of change.


19 Nov, 16:00–16:30 UK time 

Protect your data – Key decisions you need to make


Tristan Morgan, Director of security advisory services, BT
Steve Benton, Director Protect BT
Lee Stephens, Principal security advisory services, BT

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In a recent BT Security study, we found over half of organisations lose IP as employees leave. The rise in hybrid ways of working now means that your data is everywhere, so managing it correctly is more critical than ever. It can be difficult to track though, which could leave you open to threats.

In this webinar, we have shared our experiences and given unique insight on:

  • the threats you face – both inside and outside your organisation
  • the best strategies and detection methods for organising your data 
  • the importance of good cyber hygiene



29 Sep, 10.00–10.30 UK time 

The evolution of threat detection

Tristan Morgan, Director of Global advisory, BT
Steve Benton, Director Protect BT
John Ashdown, Cyber threat research, BT
Aaron Lloyd, Technical intelligence research, BT

Watch the replay >

In a rapidly shifting threat landscape, understanding adversary behavior is a constant challenge. The increasing number of threat actors, the loss of the network perimeter with cloud and a rise in remote working and connected devices to the network, all increase the number and types of threats you are exposed to.

Watch our webinar where we discussed how best to take effective action to prevent incidents occurring in the first place.