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Damien Childs

Managing Director of Commerical Security

In his influential role, Damien adeptly guides teams to deliver exceptional outcomes for BT’s UK and global customers in the ever-evolving area of cyber security.

Damien's journey at BT started in 2004, initially working in a call centre while simultaneously pursuing his degree.

Over the years, his dedication and commitment to his work has led him to become Managing Director of BT's Commercial Security business.

In 2012, Damien transitioned to the security team where he took charge of implementing robust firewalls to ensure customer security. Moreover, he played a crucial role in overseeing the team responsible for protecting BT's own systems. Additionally, Damien spearheaded the establishment and management of state-level cyber operations centres, showcasing his expertise in handling large-scale, global security initiatives.

Throughout his tenure at BT, Damien has assumed diverse leadership positions spanning various areas, including consumer services, UK businesses, and network management. With his deep background in cyber security, he has comprehensive knowledge in critical areas such as cyber intelligence, incident management, risk mitigation, threat and vulnerability management, and network security.

Damien was appointed as the Managing Director of BT's Commercial Security business in 2022. In his role he continues to drive forward a commitment to providing high quality security solutions to all business customers.