Ashish Gupta

Managing director, banking and financial markets

Ashish is responsible for managing our banking and financial markets customers.

Ashish is responsible for managing our banking and financial markets customers.

He took over as managing director, banking and financial markets in October 2018. He reports to our CEO.

His role focuses on building and growing relationships with our top 800 customers in the global banking and financial markets sector.

Ashish has a deep knowledge of our customers, portfolio and professional services capabilities, having served as a member of our leadership team for over five years. Before being appointed to his latest role, Ashish was president of the UK, a role he held from 2015.

Prior to this, Ashish held the position of president, portfolio and service design and BT Advise, managing our global portfolio and professional service capabilities.

Additionally he was a member of our technology services leadership team as the global CIO responsible for our global network and IT strategy. In his capacity as president of BT Advise, he led our efforts to create a global professional services capability helping our customers exploit all of our assets to meet their specific needs; bringing best practice and learnings from global implementations to Global Services’ extensive customer base.

Ashish has held several leadership positions with us, including managing director of IT platforms. He also played an active role in the implementation of our 21CN transformation programme and was responsible for the creation of our 21CN broadband and ethernet products.

Ashish holds an engineering degree in Computer Sciences and a MBA from London Business School. He enjoys outdoor pursuits and is a keen follower of all sports, especially cricket and F1.