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Hriday Ravindranath

Managing director, global portfolio, digital and AMEA

Hriday is responsible for our global portfolio and digital strategy.

Hriday is our managing director, global portfolio and digital.

He's responsible for the product and digital agenda for our Global business unit, reporting to Global's CEO.

In this role, Hriday's leading a dynamic team to create a truly digitally native business for BT through an industry-leading global portfolio.  

Hriday is passionate about enabling BT’s mission to become the world’s most trusted connector of people, devices and machines. 

Leading the design and delivery of an industry-leading portfolio which uses the best technology innovation from BT and our partners, built with environmentally-conscious design principals to help our customers meet their sustainability needs. Everything is built with the customer in mind with co-creation at the heart of the team’s plans, driven by agile ways of working. 

This role is an evolution from Hriday’s previous responsibilities as chief technology officer for Global, where he was responsible for thought leadership, with a focus on our technology strategy.  

Hriday has an MSc in Artificial Intelligence from University of Edinburgh and also an MSc in Major Programs from Oxford University.