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Press Release · DC19-194 - 02 Oct 2019

BT wins new contract with Spanish Government to connect offices around the world

BT to upgrade the Spanish Government’s global IT and communications network for delivery of digital services in 120 countries

BT today announced it is expanding its relationship with Spain’s Central Government to support its operations around the world by providing communications services in 120 countries. It follows the signing of a new, three-and-a-half-year agreement valued at €39.97 million under which BT will make the Government’s international network more powerful and increase the scope of current services it provides to end-users.

BT will draw on its global reach and technical expertise to upgrade the Spanish Central Government’s global network, which provides resilient connectivity for Spain’s embassies, consulates and trade offices. It also includes satellite-based connections to ten scientific research ships in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea as well as a Spanish polar research station in Antarctica.

The upgraded network will enable deployment of advanced digital solutions, such as virtual desktops and web-based applications for end-users, including citizens and Foreign Office staff. With enhanced bandwidth, security and resilience, it will deliver more productive experiences for the users by making their IT applications and services easier to access, better performing and more reliable.

BT was selected to support the international presence of the Spanish Government because of its global footprint, experience and the quality of its offer during the tender process.

Joris van Oers, managing director, Europe region, BT, said: “The power of BT’s brand opens doors around the world. Governments trust us because we have proven industry leadership in delivering secure and reliable connectivity and support for their far-flung operations, ensuring their sensitive operations are protected and connected as well as fully future-proofed for the next wave of innovation in software-defined networking and delivery of digital services.”

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Aleksander Straunik, Head of External Relations, Global.