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Bringing the power of our global voice network to your customers.

Global SIP for channels

Your customers want to transform and simplify their voice networks.

They know that moving to an IP-based network is the way to go, but they need help. They’re looking for a reliable provider with the global reach that can manage security and regulation across multiple geographies.

We can help you accelerate​ your customer’s transformation by creating a digital-​ready operational infrastructure that can be seamlessly integrated with cloud-based unified communication​ platforms of your choice.​

Our Global SIP is an IP alternative to traditional PSTN – delivered over IP Connect or the internet. It lets your customers converge their infrastructure and use their data network to make voice calls.

Working together, we can help you offer them:

  • network and voice services with global reach
  • inbound as well​ as outbound functionality
  • digital and cloud compatible solutions
  • secure and highly reliable services
  • managed legal and regulatory compliance in multiple geographies ​
  • a reliable partner with global experience and credentials​.

Talk to us about how we can bring the power of our global voice network to your customers.