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Through our global agreement with partners like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. 

We can help you balance the right combination of public cloud for your business, IT or application requirements. We can also guarantee data sovereignty by giving you a private cloud, either in your own data centre or in ours.

We’ll reliably connect your sites, people, and customers to your secure, scalable cloud services underpinning the right experience for everyone who relies on them.

  • We deliver everything from telehousing and co-location services from our 48 state-of-the-art data centres to the latest public, private and hybrid cloud offerings
  • We have the leading cloud infrastructure coverage with our 22 cloud-enabled data centres offering more choice than any other telco provider in the world
  • In the last 4 years, we’ve won 16 industry accolades for our innovation in cloud services.
‘Intelligent hybrid networks blended with hybrid cloud computing give a foundation for BT's customers to build secure enterprise clouds. BT connects to third-party cloud providers including Microsoft, AWS, Salesforce, Oracle, IBM, T-Systems and Equinix’ – Joel Strading, GlobalData, BT Global WAN Services Product Assessment, April 2018.

Energy & environment

Our 2020 ambition is to have helped our customers’ cut their carbon emissions by at least three times our own end-to-end carbon impact. Working with Carbon Trust, so far we’ve found 31 ways we can measure the drop in our customers’ carbon emissions. Their report describes how we work out how much carbon our customers avoid using, just by having our products and services, such as cloud collaboration services. Find out more about how we’re reducing our carbon impact and helping our customers do the same.

Our cloud infrastucture capabilities


Balance the risk and reward of the cloud


Manage your multi-cloud environment

Create the right hybrid cloud solution for your business.

Gain the skills and tools to optimise cloud security

Improve your cloud security, be compliant and ensure data integrity.

BT connects to third-party cloud providers including Microsoft, AWS, Salesforce, Oracle, IBM, T-Systems and Equinix."

Joel Strading
GlobalData, BT Global WAN Services Product Assessment, April 2018

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