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BT and VMware

We work with VMware to deliver cloud-first services that fuel business model innovation for our global organisations. Find out more about BT and VMware.

In partnership with

Together with VMware we provide a powerful foundation to help enterprises respond to the ever-changing needs of customers and employees. 

Recent years have re-written the rules of doing business, driven by where work’s done, where applications live and where digital transformation happens. By partnering with VMware, we offer services that address the needs of multinational organisations using a cloud-first approach.

The enterprise edge is nothing like it used to be. It has no fixed borders. It can change daily. And it requires digital infrastructure capabilities and a modern underlay network to meet user expectations and needs. This is at the heart of what we, in partnership with VMware, can unlock for customers.

Service innovations, including SD-WAN and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), combined with distributed edge computing and 5G services are creating a powerful foundation to help enterprises become more responsive to their customers and employees.

Don’t be afraid to rethink what the edge can mean for your organisation. BT and VMware are ready to help you make it happen.

Get ready for tomorrow’s Edge.