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BT and Cisco

BT Cisco value proposition.

In partnership with

Here at BT, we’re proud of our  storied 30+ year partnership and the mutual benefit we bring our customers. We’re also pleased to highlight what sets BT apart from other service providers. 

  1. BT has a unique ability to provide a single network and digital solution across the globe (180+ countries) due to our Global Gold certification.
  2. We provide fully managed, outsourced services including multi-tiered support across collaboration, security, and network, etc.
  3. We’re focused on guiding customers through their digital transformation, specifically with dynamic network services and collaboration. 

BT is all-in with Cisco in delivering solutions which include SPARK, HCS/CC, and Viptela to name a few.  BT was one of the first to adopt an HCS strategy with Cisco seeing over 750,000 seats sold globally and are continuing that momentum with Spark Flex.  And BT’s “no cap case” success story with Hosted Contact Center has rounded out the BT Collaboration strategy.