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Whitepaper · 10 Feb 2020

Cybercrime prevention principles

In partnership with the World Economic Forum, we’ve published a report which shapes the future of cybersecurity and digital trust.

Working with the World Economic Forum we’ve devised a set of principles which all types of organisation can put into practice to prevent cybercrime.

This report is a concrete step towards defining cybersecurity best practice and provides straightforward steps ISPs, and other organisations involved in providing online communications, can take to secure themselves, their customers and the shared online space.

The paper outlines four strategic actions;

  1. Protect consumers by default from widespread cyberattacks and act collaboratively with peers to identify and respond to threats.
  2. Take action to raise awareness and understanding of threats and support businesses and consumers in protecting themselves and their networks.
  3. Work closely with manufacturers and vendors of hardware, software and infrastructure to raise minimum levels of security.
  4. Bolster the security of routing and signalling to reinforce defence against attacks.

Discover how the internet ecosystem can be made safer for everyone.

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