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Whitepaper · 31 Jul 2018

Digital Security for financial services

New tech, new opportunities. And not just for financial services providers. Cyber-criminals smell money, too. Can you keep them at bay?

While new technology brings opportunities for financial services providers, digital security is an ever-growing concern.

The dangers are everywhere: stolen data, systems held to ransom, pilfered payments, and, as if criminals don’t cause you enough worry, the threat of fines and sanctions if you don’t follow the rules. 

Our paper will help you make sense of the developments in technology, learn how to protect yourself against their associated threats, and find out how to stay on top of the upcoming changes to regulations.  Because one thing’s for certain in this uncertain world of ours: nothing will stay the same.

We all get excited about the opportunities that new technology opens up for us. New ways of doing business, new and ever easier ways to engage with customers, and innovative revenue streams that we can’t even imagine at the moment. The downside is that we’re not the only ones excited about all this stuff: criminals are too. New technology is also a new opportunity for the bad guys, who will be keen to exploit any hitherto undiscovered security flaws.

In our white paper we talk about a handful of new technologies that’ll have a massive impact on the financial services sector: blockchain, biometric identification, the Internet of Things, and new payment methods.

The security landscape for financial services providers can seem overwhelmingly complex. But – whatever you do – don’t bury your head in the cyber-sand. You need to embed security into every aspect of your business. Cyber-attacks are not going to go away. Their volume and severity is only going to increase.

You must be prepared.

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