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Whitepaper · 13 Apr 2017

Botman vs. Superagent: Man vs. machine in the future of customer experience

Robots have taken on repetitive tasks in contact centres. But can machines win over emotional customers? Peek into the future.

Customer experience during the rise of the machine

Half our jobs could be automated in the next ten years1

The question is – which half?

Our white paper – ‘Botman vs. Superagent’ – lets you time-travel to the contact centre of the future. Simple, repetitive tasks have been automated, but customers still want to hear a human voice.

‘Please hold for the next available robot’

It isn’t science fiction. Chatbots and applications have started changing contact centres. But the limits of machine learning remind us why human beings are irreplaceable. So indulge in some utopian thinking – and get ready for tomorrow.