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Whitepaper · 08 Mar 2018

People, productivity and the digital workplace

Our new digital employee research explores how mobile and collaboration services can boost productivity.

How mobile and collaboration tools are making people more productive at work

Productivity matters. It matters to governments, to industry, to families – every single one of us. Our latest research shows we need the technology in place to help.

As part of our research, we spoke to over 1,100 employees and 600 IT decision makers across the globe to understand how important collaboration tools, connected systems and cloud services are to their business. Turns out, there’s a common theme across industries. Nearly two thirds of employees would prioritise better wi-fi in the workplace and half would like a better mobile phone signal.

Making it easier for colleagues to work together, while keeping data secure across thousands of devices is no mean feat. IT teams are juggling the demands of new technologies and targets while trying to keep existing systems and processes performing as usual. And employees are looking for more mobile ways to work with international colleagues.

A better employee experience doesn’t need massive investment or upheaval

Instead, it starts with making life simpler for the IT team – the people tasked with creating and delivering a globally connected network. By understanding how employees work together and what they need to do their jobs, you can better spot the gaps and adapt what you do to fix them.

But it’s important to not lose sight of the end goal. Unified communications help you work smarter, not harder. By putting people (rather than technology) first and making the most of the tools and services you already have, you’ll get the most from your teams.

Our latest report, People, productivity and the digital workplace, explores the five building blocks to boost your employees’ productivity, and tells you which collaboration tools and IT processes you should prioritise.


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