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Whitepaper · 01 Aug 2018

Talking to technology: will we be speaking to our gadgets in a post-PC world?

The art of conversation isn’t dead – it’s just changed. Our paper shows how we’ve progressed from talking to each other to talking to our technology.

Times are changing and it’s no longer just the traditional speech and person-to-person conversation that is the norm.

Our whitepaper explains how technology is making us act and react differently in the ways that we can now speak: to each other, to machines, and even to our cars. 

New technology mean that we can interact in new and different ways than ever before – helping you to choose the method best suited to your needs.  Most people already use or have heard about solutions such as Siri or Cortana but that’s just the start.   Evolution continues and what was once considered ground-breaking (hands-free, voice activation, instant messaging etc) is now just part of everyday life – but don’t overlook the challenges.  Learn how progression continues and its benefits plus what’s getting in the way.