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Analyst Report · 02 Mar 2022

Our security ambitions in the spotlight

A new report published by Omdia outlines our ongoing efforts to raise cyber awareness and improve global threat intelligence.

Outlining our commitment to elevating global cybersecurity.

Today’s threat landscape is expansive and requires a vigilant and proactive approach to cybersecurity.

As part of our work protecting governments, critical national infrastructure, and large multi-national corporations, we have a ringside seat on just how complex and unpredictable this landscape has become.

Across the globe, we handle over 6,500 cyberattacks every day. That’s why as an organisation, we’re committed to raising cyber awareness and supporting the global community with next-generation defences to keep one step ahead of the next threat.

Following the launch event of our latest proactive and integrated cybersecurity platform ‘Eagle-i’, Omdia produced a report consolidating the core points from the day’s discussions and our ambitions for bolstering defence capabilities into the future. Inside the report they cover:

  • the need to elevate cybersecurity leadership and the new role of the CISO
  • how we built a next-generation defence platform
  • our company investment in SAFE security
  • the road ahead to raising global cybersecurity awareness.

To learn more about our ambitions to become the “world’s most trusted connector of people, devices, and machines”, download the full report here.

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