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Balancing fraud prevention with customer experience in the contact centre

Using AI, machine learning and biometrics to reduce customer frustration with security.

Overcoming increasing attacks 

Contact centre fraud is now big business and with attacks become increasingly sophisticated, agents are working against the odds:

0 %
increase in contact centre fraud
0 %
experienced higher fraud costs
0 m
complaints of identity theft in 2021

Common forms of attack

At present, these are some of the most common forms of malicious behaviour call centres encounter:

The stages of fraud

Fraudsters tend to follow a structured approach:



Fraudsters gather information to impersonate their target from data breaches, the black market, phishing or mail interception.



To validate harvested information, fraudsters exploit contact centres by testing data against IVR systems or agents.



They then start making changes to the account such as login or address details, requesting debit cards or adding new payees.



They can now lift out money with a simple bank transfer and conduct transactions without anyone noticing.

The growing cost of authentication

To combat fraud, the contact centre industry is investing heavily in authentication.

In fact, annually ID verification alone is costing the contact centre over £1 billion pounds – roughly equivalent to the cost of building the Burj Khalifa.

But how do you reduce this spend and improve authentication without adding unnecessary barriers and friction for customers?

Introducing Smartnumbers Protect

Smartnumbers Protect verifies the authenticity of calls before they even reach an agent – using machine learning to analyse call signalling, caller behaviour and rapidly checking numbers against the fraud database. This provides frictionless experiences for genuine customers and diverts high risk calls to specialist teams. It also layers brilliantly with Nuance Gatekeeper to provide a multifactor authentication solution.

Introducing Nuance Gatekeeper

Nuance Gatekeeper replaces outdated verification factors with biometric authentication and intelligent fraud detection. The AI-powered solution is extremely difficult for fraudsters to defeat because it layers voice, conversational and behavioural biometrics to protect against a range of attacks. Plus, with passive verification, customers use their voice as their password, eliminating the need to remember obscure information and allowing secure, frictionless authentication.

Customers using Nuance report:

0 %
authentication success rates
0 %
increase in customer satisfaction
0 %
detection of fraudsters in real-time

Why BT for security in the contact centre?

  • Our detailed knowledge and experience of fighting fraud
    We have a strong track record in helping customers defend their contact centres against telephony, card and online fraud. 
  • We take an industry-specific approach 
    We have experience in implementing solutions across every sector, working with customers who have to navigate even the tightest of security regulations. 
  • We understand customer experience 
    Our contact centre security solutions work for the consumer, as well as the enterprise.
  • Our valuable partnerships and strong alliances
    We have strategic partnerships with Smartnumbers and Nuance, which means we can integrate these solutions into any contact centre.

A secure, satisfying experience for customers

Balance the risk of fraud with the importance of customer experience with an end-to-end secure contact centre, assisted by Smartnumbers Protect and Nuance Gatekeeper.