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Building future networks for a cloud-based world

Our global research, in partnership with Microsoft, reveals how leading organisations use network infrastructure today and how they plan to use it tomorrow.

Today’s networks are holding organisations back

Business and IT leaders in global organisations know their future lies in the cloud. But their current networks aren’t delivering the performance, coverage and flexibility needed to adopt new technologies and operate securely in multi-cloud environments.

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Building future networks for a cloud-based world

What’s driving network transformation?

Many organisations are struggling to achieve business goals with their current networks:

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say big data and AI will require a network upgrade
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can’t deploy apps because of network limitations
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say data sovereignty drives network upgrade
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say cost prevents development of network services

Cloud-based networks are the future

Seeking an infrastructure partner

Our research found that when looking to upgrade network infrastructure, organisations are now seeking partners and solutions that will enable them to achieve:


Network transformation

As organisations move towards a new world of cloudification, access to support and expertise will be critical. Global organisations need to choose a partner with services that help them thrive and bring a strong track record of innovation, delivery, support and choice.


Reduced complexity

IT leaders want straightforward solutions to overcome the complexity associated with configuring routing, security rules, remote site management and change control.


Greater control

Organisations want self-service network functionalities so they can centrally monitor and manage their cloud connections and determine the end-to-end path of their data.


Increased sustainability

Many organisations are looking for network solutions that deliver clear sustainability benefits, such as reduced CO2 emissions, with a clear expectation that cloudification is the key to unlocking this.

The seven key qualities of a future network

What an organisation needs is a network designed and built to provide a strong and secure foundation for their applications, devices and data. They should be on the lookout for these seven key network qualities:

  1. Commercial flexibility: It’s critical organisations can easily right-size, terminate and add new services. They need a pay-as-you-use solution that’s scalable with assured performance – all with predictability on price.
  2. Real-time flexible network management: Some traditional managed services are inflexible, difficult to scale and have long lead times. Delivering the functionality that organisations need and want is likely to involve building in a programmable automated underlay to support the real-time provision of network assets and burstable bandwidth.
  3. A network that supports hybrid infrastructure: Organisations need a solution that will support distributed workloads and optimise application performance across their hybrid estates.
  4. A programmable, software-defined, intelligent underlay: New networks must align a programmable automated underlay with the overlay to deliver better vertical support and performance delivery.
  5. Data sovereignty and regulation requirements: Organisations require solutions such as intelligent routing and resilience in peering within regions to address regulatory requirements.
  6. Secure solutions and rapid deployment options: Ideal network infrastructure security provides holistic protection – from Proof of Concept (POC) to early lifecycle and then throughout its in-life service.
  7. A sustainable IT and network infrastructure: Modern network solutions need to allow for reduced emissions as well as an accounting methodology for greenhouse gases.

Building your future network

As your organisation moves towards the new world of cloudification, access to support and expertise will be crucial.

With our strong track record of innovation, delivery, support and choice - we’re ready to help you build the network you need.


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