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Cloud’s role in reshaping APAC’s hybrid workforce: trends

Our research findings with Cisco highlight the ever-growing importance of the cloud in fostering a productive, motivated and collaborative workforce.

The changing face of work in APAC

Without the cloud, hybrid working would be exceedingly difficult. With 81% of organisations now hybrid working across the APAC region - 90% are also spending more time using cloud collaboration tools and applications than ever before.

Driving transformative improvements

Speaking to business leaders and IT executives across the APAC region, many said they’re already seeing the positive impact of cloud collaboration tools and applications for remote working:


Greater efficiency:

77% said that decision making is now faster, and virtual meetings are shorter


Enhanced colleague connection:

71% said colleagues feel more connected


Stronger sustainability:

86% said there’s been an environmental benefit from less commuting


Productivity boost:

80% said they’re more productive with fewer disruptions.

A more distributed, digital workforce

Delivering attractive financial benefits

Cloud computing’s flexible and agile commercial models were also seen as a clear route to optimising operational costs:


prioritising reducing total operating costs


looking to flex capacity with business needs


prefer a per user, per month model


prefer option of 3-year rolling cloud contracts

Challenging experiences in the cloud

But, despite its benefits, 96% of respondents felt that their organisation could still improve how it collaborates using cloud technology, internally and externally. Overall, they noted several key challenges:


Poor conferencing experiences:

57% said it currently takes too long for video conference calls to begin


Frustrating data and file access:

62% said it takes too much time trying to save and access data and files


Lack of integration:

68% say the different cloud collaboration technologies they use don’t currently work well together


Growing security concerns:

91% said that the security of their organisation’s data has become an increasingly important priority in the last 2 years

Planning future workplace transformation

Looking to the future, APAC organisations had further transformation plans they were hoping to implement, with…

0 %
wanting to reduce the number of offices
0 %
wanting more sustainable workspaces
0 %
looking to introduce shared spaces or hot desking
0 %
wanting improved collaboration technology

The future is in the cloud

In the evolving digital workplace, APAC organisations will increasingly depend upon cloud collaboration technologies and applications to deliver excellent connected experiences, support their workforces to operate across greater distances, and introduce new transformative capabilities.

Find out how to bring your future cloud collaboration strategy to life in our research paper ‘The best of both worlds: building a successful hybrid workplace’.

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