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Rising expectations of collaboration experiences in the US

Our research with Cisco reveals crucial insights into the growing user expectations for cloud collaboration tools and applications in US organisations.

Cloud collaboration tools are central to hybrid working in the US

74% of organisations in the US today are hybrid working in some shape or form. And to power their more flexible ways of working, 84% are now spending more time using cloud-based collaboration tools and apps. 

Chasing new capabilities and integrated features

As workforces become more experienced with these tools, they’re becoming more willing to embrace new features, with 84% actively wanting to use the latest collaboration software such as instant messaging (IM), screen sharing, internal social media and video.

When asked which new functionalities would be most useful to their organisation, they said:

0 %
Automatic transcriptions of calls / conferences
0 %
A way of reducing background noise
0 %
Integration of different collaboration tools
0 %
AI to summarise the content of the meeting

Embracing the benefits of cloud-based collaboration

Many research respondents recognised that collaborative tools and apps in the cloud are already benefitting their organisation:


said that employee wellbeing has improved


said that they’re more productive


said that they can fit in more meetings


said that introverts prefer a homeworking option

Recognising areas for improvement

The vast majority of respondents (93%) however recognised that their organisation could still improve the way it collaborates, both internally and externally. 76% said that they’ve been confused by the complexity of tools or the number of tools available to them, with 17% saying that they’re always confused.

Crucially, 77% said they believe that better collaboration would make a big improvement to their organisation’s success.

Investing in collaboration upgrades

Many organisations are already responding by taking proactive steps to deliver improvements. 77% are planning to update their tools and applications, with many looking to make investments in a number of key areas:

0 %
in video conferencing devices for home users
0 %
in better internal workplace wi-fi
0 %
in improved PCs to better run collaboration tools

Expectations for tomorrow’s collaboration experiences

When asked about the future of collaboration, our respondents gave mixed predictions about how cloud collaboration tools will shape workplaces:


Evolved experiences:

92% believe that today’s cloud collaboration tools will continue to improve to offer more immersive and life-like experiences


Dispersed workforces:

85% believe colleagues and customers will be more globally distributed because of the use of cloud collaboration tools


Intelligent assistance:

85% believe AI and machine learning will support employees rather than replace them entirely


Increased monitoring:

77% believe that technology will be used to monitor employees, replacing the oversight of managers

Building a digital workplace that nurtures collaboration

Over the last few years, workforces have shown remarkable resilience – responding quickly to rapid changes in the workplace and learning to adopt new technologies. Today, many employees see cloud collaboration tools as a critical part of their everyday working lives and their expectations for new features and an improved user experience will only to continue to grow. 

Our research paper ‘The best of both worlds: building a successful hybrid workplace’ looks at how taking care of your cloud connectivity and applications can motivate a productive and collaborative workforce. 

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