Giving CEVA Logistics a smooth data centre move

Working in partnership and reducing risks made moving data easy and opened up new avenues for data centre consolidation.

CEVA Logistics
Transport and logistics
10,000 to 50,000


CEVA Logistics wanted to consolidate its global data centres. But there was a lot to think about. And it all started with the challenge of relocating a disaster recovery data centre facility from third-party premises to a safer, site owned by us. 

Garry May, vice president of data centre management, was looking for a smooth transition. And that’s where we came in. We planned and de-risked the work – then made it all happen over a single weekend without a hitch. Garry got a perfect move, and the company got the platform it needs for future expansion.

The challenge

CEVA Logistics looks after all aspects of transportation business in 170 countries. And over time, it built up 17 worldwide data centres. But it was time to combine and reduce them.

“We wanted to reduce costs and enhance the customer experience through global standards and processes. That would take a centralised data centre platform.”

Garry May
Vice President of Data Centre Management, CEVA Logistics.

We were in an ideal place to help. And we knew CEVA Logistics’ business, thanks to the global network we provided for them. It connects 600 of their sites across Europe and South America, along with inbound voice, security and internet access services. 

The company’s primary data centre was already hosted by us in Nieuwegein. But its disaster recovery facility was at third-party premises elsewhere. To make the business more resilient and pave the way for future data centre consolidation and new IT services, CEVA Logistics wanted to relocate it to our premises in Rotterdam. 

This was no simple task. It involved moving around 26TB of critical business data. So, it was vital the migration went as smoothly as possible.

The solution

We tasked our Advise Compute network and data centre specialists with leading the whole project. They worked closely with CEVA Logistics to assess the risks and make plans that covered all the worst-case scenarios. That involved things like testing the cabling between data centres and presenting reports for verification. 

The equipment, patch lists and other documentation were checked twice by separate teams, to minimise the chance of human error. And a two-week freeze on data centre hardware and software changes made sure no last-minute glitches would trip us up. We also got spare parts for the EMC VMAX storage arrays, just in case devices failed during the move. 

Finally, we replicated and synchronized all 26TB of data before the big move. That made sure nothing would be lost in the event of any transport-related hardware failure. 

“Planning, project management and good communications were key,” says Garry. “BT acted in a highly professional and diligent manner.”

The result

The data centre migration took place over a weekend. And there was no impact on the business. We moved 10 racks of equipment, including eight racks of CEVA Logistics servers and two managed storage racks belonging to us. 

Now the migration’s complete, we can help the business grow. In fact, the backup facility located in an area dedicated for CEVA Logistics equipment, has plenty of room for expansion. It also makes it easier for us to set up CEVA Logistics with future technology options, like cloud computing. Especially because we can deliver it all from the same data centres. 

We can offer CEVA Logistics better prices for services we deliver from our facilities. And there’s the added bonus of having our own experts on site, so we can be on hand in a flash for support. 

“BT services are a lifeline for our business and the key to our future success,” Garry concludes.


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