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How our channel partnership helped Infonet Thailand scale internationally

Our partnership with Infonet Thailand shows how an indirect channel strategy can help organisations to successfully scale internationally.

Infonet Thailand
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A large part of our business comes from partnering with other telcos, systems integrators and CPaaS providers who want to deliver our solutions and capabilities as part of their offerings to their customers. We welcome these indirect channel partnerships, seeing them as a mutually beneficial way to connect more people for good.

Infonet Thailand is a prime example of how we can support our channel partners to grow their business by breaking into new markets.

Introducing Infonet Thailand

Infonet Thailand is one of the leading providers of telecommunications services in Thailand. They were established in 1994  with the collaboration of Infonet Services Corporation in California, USA. In their early years Infonet Thailand supported local customer branches, gradually expanding their remit to cover IT needs, with local teams covering all IT and telecommunications solutions – from legacy networks to equipment, systems and even satellite solutions for offshore oil and gas customers.

The challenge

A global challenge for a local provider

To continue their business growth, Infonet Thailand’s goal was simple: they wanted to provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions to their customers, no matter where they were in the world. This meant deploying high-quality solutions internationally, while at the same time offering market-leading local support that embraced the Thai language and local business customs. It was clear that Infonet Thailand needed a global partner to support their ambitious plans.

The foundation of BT has helped us to gain the trust of our customers very easily.”

Saran Snongjati
Executive Director of Global Business and Purchase, Infonet Thailand

This partnership offered the best of both worlds – with Infonet Thailand retaining control over business management, while at the same time bringing in the resources and strengths of a partner as if these were their own. What’s more, they needed a partner with worldwide reach and a leading international reputation that could help them create a team ready to build, deliver, sell and support a global telecommunications solution to their customers.

The solution

Why BT was the partner of choice

Infonet Thailand chose to partner with us because of our reputation and global presence. Our ‘right first time’ approach was especially important, giving Infonet Thailand a competitive edge when approaching new customers, particularly those looking to go international.

Impressed by our market-leading solutions, Infonet Thailand saw potential in our ability to scale and adapt solutions for their customer base and in our commitment to consistently meet global standards. The company also felt our global reputation would give their customers confidence that their business infrastructure would be safe and up to date.

And as customers’ needs change rapidly in response to various opportunities and threats, Infonet Thailand wanted to offer telecommunications solutions that could keep pace. Our constant development of a catalogue of proven solutions - from digital collaboration tools to cyber security - was therefore crucial for business growth.

The steps to a strong, successful relationship

To ensure our partnership was successful, we deployed a dedicated indirect channel partner management team, which helped Infonet Thailand to understand the products, solutions, and support structures in place. With a firm grip on the capabilities of our global teams, Infonet Thailand were able to confidently share these solutions with their customers, helping them transition smoothly from local connectivity options to a single, global solution with local support.

The outcome

Our partnership outcomes

Today, Infonet Thailand handles service assurance for our customers in Thailand, as well as sales from our product portfolio. Engineers are specialised in network systems, security and cloud – providing a one-stop-shop for customers no matter where they are in the world.

Our effective partnership has spanned 17 years, with global teams backing local support providers to ensure that customers enjoy 24/7, 365 support in local languages. Customers enjoy best-in-class solutions, with an agnostic local service provider to support their business needs as these develop and change. Infonet Thailand’s dedication and speed of local service delivery has also resulted in them being short-listed against the incumbent local provider - ten times larger in size.

What does the future look like?

Infonet Thailand’s business is steadily growing and now includes a number of leading Thai financial institutions. They expect to see significant growth across their security roadmap and cyber security maturity areas of the business as demand for these solutions increases globally.

Our ongoing partnership will usher in new security, cloud, contact centre and telecommunications innovations as we continuously strive to develop new technologies to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

To find out more about how partnering with us through our indirect channels can benefit your organisation, please visit our campaign page.

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