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Why Bezeq International Tech value a channel partnership based on trust

Israel’s leading internet and international telecommunications provider is partnering with us to evolve services in line with customer demand.

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Around the globe, a wide range of telcos, systems integrators and CPaaS providers choose to partner with us to expand what they can offer to their customers. We value these opportunities to build trusting partnerships that help our business, and those of our channel partners, to support more organisations.

Our relationship with Bezeq International Tech highlights how a united strategy can unlock growth, innovation and outstanding levels of customer service.

Introducing Bezeq International Tech

Bezeq International Tech (BIT) are Israel’s leading internet and international telecommunications provider. Founded in 1996, BIT’s focus is on delivering and integrating a broad range of telecom services solutions and computing infrastructures to the largest enterprises and governmental offices, as well as to small-medium businesses and companies. BIT are committed to providing everything a customer needs, creating one-stop solutions in a local, public and hybrid model, including infrastructure, cloud services, network and cyber security, wireless and networking solutions, hosting and backup services, network maintenance, innovative IoT solutions and international data networks.

The challenge

Staying at the forefront of market evolution

BIT is an organisation that prides themselves on supporting their customers in a rapidly evolving landscape. This involves proactively exploring innovations to develop the services customers will need on the next step of their journey.

When we spoke to Doron Meydan, head of sales for global data services at BIT, he said that BIT have been closely assessing the developments within the telecommunications industry and beyond, channelling that knowledge into a strategy that’s ready to serve customers in an evolving world.

Understanding the importance of 5G connectivity, distributed computing and artificial intelligence to customers’ plans, BIT rapidly developed multi-access edge computing and private cellular network solutions. And, knowing customers wanted secure, cloud-based infrastructure and connectivity, BIT expanded their portfolio. Backed by significant investment, BIT now offers hybrid ICT, with a focus on global data and internet service provision. Their cloud services, data centre network and cyber security capabilities (including SD-WAN and SASE) are already helping customers thrive in today’s digital environment.

Our relationship with BT demonstrates how a united strategy can unlock growth, innovation, and outstanding levels of customer service. The mutual trust between our two organisations is the foundation of a great business relationship that grows market share and revenues for both companies.”

Doron Meydan
Head of Sales for Global Data Services at BIT

The solution

Drawing on partnership to promote success

From their earliest days, BIT have understood the value of partnerships to growing their business and establishing their market-leading position. This insight, and their investment in nurturing trusted relationships with global operators like us, means that, today, BIT connect Israel’s top multinational companies.

BIT’s 20-year partnership with us helps facilitate the outstanding service they provide that includes advanced technologies, resilient global connectivity, end-to-end solutions based on high standards and strict SLAs, and excellent end-user service delivered by experienced global teams.

Our relationship is a true partnership model, at every level - from the moment a customer comes to BIT, right through to delivery and ongoing support. We work as one team, visiting customers and discussing their needs together, before jointly deciding on a direction to take. Expertise from both sides unite to give BIT’s customers exactly what they need.

A core part of BIT’s offering is enabling their customers operating in several countries to unite their interfaces. Their partnership with us gives their Israeli customers a single point of contact for all their communications, from phone lines to network infrastructure and cloud technology. Plus, BIT have the peace of mind of knowing that our partnership can deliver a holistic solution to any hardware or software challenge that customers may face anywhere around the globe.

The result 

A strong future 

The mutual trust between our two organisations is the foundation of a great business relationship that grows market share and revenues for both companies.

Drawing on this partnership, BIT are working to bring the next generation of global networking to their customers. Together, we’re already bringing SD-WAN to the Israeli market and transforming the way multinational organisations manage and scale their networks.

We’re also exploring how we can collaborate in other areas, such as cyber security, cloud and GSIP services. BIT is especially interested in combining their vast experience in dynamic threat environments with our managed services to bring their global customers proactive monitoring and management as they move through digital transformation.

To find out more about how partnering with us through our indirect channels can benefit your organisation, please visit our campaign page