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Datasheet · 20 Jun 2022

Supercharge your digital transformation with 5G Private Networks

Imagine having your own private motorway – but instead a dedicated data highway free of other traffic, exclusive to you.

By utilising the latest 5G technology within your own dedicated private network, you can have dramatically greater speed, capacity and control on the network to accelerate your move to ‘digital industry’. 

The advent of 5G for private networks brings an era of new, connected industry experiences. 5G private networks enable every device, sensor, machine and system to connect and share more data across a dedicated, ultra-reliable, ultra-low latency ecosystem. 


  • A 5G private network is the essential foundation and enabler for innovative technologies like augmented and virtual reality, machine learning and artificial intelligence, robotics and automation, and the internet of things (IoT).
  • With more automation, sensors and connected devices in digital industry, 5G private networks will enable you to capture and analyse massive amounts of data from multiple disparate sources, to transform operational efficiency, thus improving financial return and business sustainability.
  • You can control the capacity, speed and flow of data on the private network, in a way that suits your business needs.

5G Private Network architecture

Additional benefits

Private 5G benefits in manufacturing:

  • Private 5G offers reliable, resilient wireless connectivity to support Industry 4.0.
  • Eliminating wired connectivity brings the potential to connect just about anything to optimise mission-critical processes that require secure, reliable coverage and control.
  • A 5G private network delivers perfect predictability, meaning unplanned downtime, lag and production outages, and supply chain disruption can be a thing of the past.

Private 5G benefits in logistics and transportation:

  • 5G private networks are accelerating the automation of supply chain processes for optimised decision-making, risk mitigation and operational efficiency.
  • Enabling better asset, device and workforce management across the supply chain network - providing visibility and real-time inventory management to improve performance.
  • 5G private networks are enabling enhanced security and assurance, as private 5G is an enabler for enhanced management of logistics hubs to improve worker safety.

Private 5G benefits in health and life sciences:

  • Reduced downtime, more automation, perfect predictability and better data analytics will improve operational efficiency and performance in the healthcare production space.
  • By collecting and analysing vaster amounts of patient data from IoT devices across imaging and monitoring environments, and with real time analysis and enhanced application management, private 5G will enable better monitoring, diagnostics and patient experiences.
  • Through the use of AR and VR, private 5G is accelerating research and development, improving drug production and advancing training experiences.

Why should I work with BT for this?

An innovation and partner ecosystem is at the heart of our 5G strategy

At the heart of our 5G private networks strategy is a broad ecosystem of partnerships that foster innovation and enable us to develop our extensive portfolio, across networking, cloud, compute and security.

End-to-end capabilities

5G isn't just about better speed and mobile coverage. It completely changes how we think about enterprise data networks, cloud, collaboration, edge and security solutions. Working with BT means you have a partner with the end-to-end capabilities, to bring together the right 5G private network solution cohesively, based on business needs, not just technology type.

Co-creating with our customers

As a leader in the 5G space, we’ve developed the innovative solutions and partner ecosystem that’s essential in making 5G private networks an effective investment, whilst co-creating with our customers to ensure the deployment is the right fit, end-to-end.

To find out how 5G private networks will shape the future of your business speak to one of our 5G specialists and watch our latest video.

5G Private Networks overview video