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Whitepaper · 03 Dec 2018

Cloud – the next generation

The Cloud Industry Forum's latest research explores how prepared enterprises are for the disruption from cloud.

Many enterprises rush in with an all in the cloud strategy or they let their business units take a lead.

Either way, it’s likely to lead to all kinds of problems.

With data traffic exploding, customer expectations rising, disruptive competitors emerging and cost pressures intensifying, the move to cloud is critical for achieving the agility and pace of innovation required to be successful in today’s changing market.  

The latest paper from the Cloud Industry Forum highlights many of the challenges enterprises face, such as :

  •  leveraging legacy infrastructure that wasn’t built for and doesn’t support a cloud experience  
  •  the need for new skills, expertise and tools to scale and manage a hybrid mix of public and private cloud workloads
  •  how best to secure the cloud, to detect threats earlier and respond faster.

To find out more about those challenges and the research, download the paper now.