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Whitepaper · 15 Jun 2021

Cut your security risks by choosing cloud

Our experts look at how to protect your cloud operations, pitfalls to avoid and next-step recommendations for wherever you are on your cloud journey.

It can be incredibly easy to get the security for cloud solutions wrong.

Migrating to the cloud is an opportunity to do things differently, so you can create corporate infrastructure in minutes. But these new approaches call for a security rethink – it’s not a case of simply replicating what you had before, but in the cloud.

The good news, however, is that the cloud can simplify some aspects of security and operating in the cloud can actively reduce your security risk burden.

Read our whitepaper to find out how to create security fit for the cloud:

  • the safest approach to patching
  • the critical cloud specific remediation questions to answer
  • getting public cloud providers to shoulder more of your risk burden
  • immediate, medium- and longer-term expert cloud security recommendations.