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Whitepaper · 15 Nov 2023

Cyber security for banking and finance: navigating risk and maximising reward

Read our whitepaper about strategies for managing digitalisation, cloud acceleration and tightening regulations in the banking and finance sector.

Trust and data security are fundamental to the banking and financial services sectors, and the stakes continue to rise as security requirements grow more complex.

This new cloud-centric, more regulated environment calls for a robust cyber security posture, particularly for organisations that are high-value cyber targets. Key to building this posture is prioritising operational resilience and protecting data and end users.

In 2022, the financial sector was the second-most targeted industry by cyber attackers globally. Most organisations recognise the urgent need to tackle this but are hampered by the market-wide shortage of cyber security experts.

In our whitepaper we examine:

  • cyber security evolution and its impacts
  • the new DORA regulations, and how organisations need to review their cyber security to ensure compliance with DORA
  • our point of view on how to approach cyber security for banking and financial services organisations.

Download our whitepaper to find out how to maximise the security potential in your networks.

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