Whitepaper · 11 Sep 2017

Putting people first through digital transformation

Wish your team worked harder or had more creative ideas? Unchain them from their desk. Equip your people to work at home and on the move.

Give your people technology they’ll actually use

Two out of three office workers choose where they work

The smartest businesses champion mobile working. They’ve found people are more inventive and productive when they’re unshackled from their desks – and find it easier to work together, too. Costs get lower and morale climbs.

What’s stopping you?

We’ve heard CEOs grumble that fixed infrastructure and legacy technology stops them from introducing mobile working. But often there’s a bigger obstacle: leaders simply don’t know what employees need.

Ideally, you’d give each employee a bespoke set of tools for mobile working. Until this is practical, you can come close using ‘personas’. Find out how to equip your people for working in the office, at home and on the road.



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