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Whitepaper · 18 Oct 2022

Innovation in action: continuous biometric authentication

Insight into the future of access security for banking and financial services organisations.

Continuous biometric authentication is taking security to a new level. 

Lots of organisations are using login-based authentication methods such as passwords, tokens and single biometric measures like face scanners to protect secure content on their devices. Although effective, these forms of authentication aren’t perfect. Passwords can often be inconvenient, and tokens can be lost or damaged.

And although biometrics balance usability and security well, single biometric measures are often only deployed at the point of entry.

Our Applied Research team has been investigating the use of continuous authentication schemes – which use biometric authentication throughout the duration of a session – and they’re now working on producing a proof-of-concept solution. This means that even if an attacker could get hold of a device, any ongoing work session would end, locking the device, because their biometrics wouldn’t match.

This paper provides insights into continuous biometric authentication, including:

  • what continuous biometric authentication is
  • the business implications of the technology
  • where the technology heading
  • the process flow for a continuous biometric authentication system
  • how we can help to meet your end-to-end security needs.

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