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Whitepaper · 19 May 2023

Robot Highways: the road to future food resilience?

How advanced robotics can solve major challenges that global agriculture is facing today.

Whether it’s climate change, labour shortages or the growing demands on global food production – it’s undeniable that the agricultural sector has some major challenges on the horizon.

But what if innovations in automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning and the internet of things could help solve some of the biggest global food challenges of our lifetime?

A consortium of leading industry organisations, academic researchers and funders have pulled together to explore this very possibility. ‘Robot Highways’ is the world’s largest known trial of an entirely robotic farming system – aiming to demonstrate clear use cases for the treatment, picking, packing, counting and delivery of soft fruit – while being completely powered by renewable energy.

As an infrastructure partner on this innovative project, we uncover the main objectives and outcomes of the trial, as well as the exciting implications this project could have on the future of global agriculture and food resilience.

In this whitepaper, our experts explore:

  • the key challenges for global agriculture
  • formation of the Robot Highways project
  • the key objectives and outcomes of the project
  • our role in supporting the project
  • future applications of Robot Highways

Download our whitepaper today to find out how this pioneering project is delivering an exciting new vision for the future.