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Blog · 07 Dec 2021

Top 10 items for the hybrid worker’s backpack

From now on you’ll need to be prepared to carry your office around with you. Here are 10 essentials for your mobile office.

Roy Woolnough
Digital adoption specialist

As many of us start heading back into our offices, it’ll probably be just a few days a week. A lot of organisations have seen the benefits of a distributed workforce and it may not be possible to have everyone in the office at the same time.

Here are my top 10 essentials plus a bonus section for those who want to be extra prepared.

  1. A good strong backpack or bag - This should have plenty of room for your items, preferably with lots of pockets to organise everything. Ideally, it will have an external pocket for your water bottle – you don’t want any leaks getting into your devices.
  2. Laptop - Make sure it is set up securely with all the necessary firewalls, encryption and a back-up process your organisation requires.
  3. Charging cables - It’s good practice to put all your devices on to charge when you are home or at the office. Then you can rest assured you’ll be able to work in a coffee shop or on the train if required without desperately looking for a power socket.
  4. Bluetooth mouse - Much nicer to use than trackpads on your laptop.
  5. Webcam - External webcams are an extra thing to carry but are usually so much better than the poor-quality ones built into your laptop. If the office you are travelling to has external monitors to plug into, then you can clip the webcam on the top of it. A much better video experience for your meetings.
  6. USB Hub - Laptops never seem to have enough ports, do they? An inexpensive USB Hub will make your life a lot easier. Consider getting a data hub that can connect USB 3.0, USB-C, HDMI and any other connection you may need.
  7. Headset - Whichever type you prefer — wireless, wired or earbuds. Just make sure you’ve tested they work with your device and the meetings app you’re using.
  8. Company ID card and travel card - It’s been so long since we’ve been to the office you’ve probably got out of the habit of taking these out with you. Many transport services are now providing flexible travel cards for reduced commuting purposes. You’ll probably find these have an app you can install so you can just use the NFC capabilities in your phone to get through barriers and purchase tickets.
  9. Water - Get yourself a good reusable water bottle with positive reviews. Ditch the plastic and go for steel or glass. I think this one form Built is a good one. I left mine in my car during summer when it was really hot outside. The water was still cool four hours later. Remember to refill it before leaving each location so you stay hydrated.
  10. Umbrella - As you’re probably going to be moving around more it’s always handy to keep a small flat telescopic umbrella in your bag for those unexpected showers.

Bonus – Extras if you want to be prepared for everything.

  1. Face masks - Consider one of these flat cases to keep a few in – keeps them clean and easy to find.
  2. Hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes - Keep in an external pocket for quick access and avoiding leaks.
  3. Tissues - Catch it, Kill it, Bin it”. Even more relevant today.
  4. Plasters - After lounging around at home in your slippers for over a year, those new shoes you’ve treated yourself to are soon going to rub on those delicate feet.
  5. Painkillers - Adjusting to all the new rules may elevate stress levels and cause headaches.
  6. Multi-function tool - One that includes scissors, nail file, screwdriver, letter opener etc. You can get handy little credit card size tools that don’t take any room like this one on Amazon.
  7. Notebook and pen - For… you know…? Notes and stuff.

This seems a lot to cram into your bag, but I guarantee there will be a point where you’ll be looking for each of these items.

While travelling, check out the BT support centre to view our quick start guides and training videos for online meeting services. So, when you get into the office you’ll be up and running in no time.

Good luck on your ventures into the world of the hybrid worker. 

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