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Landing page, list view

1. After you sign in, you will see a list of all your current recordings by date. The most recent are at the top.

If a recording has expired, you will not see it here. And the helpdesk will not be able to recover it either.

If you have several MeetMe accounts, your recordings will be grouped by MeetMe account first, then displayed by date.

2. This view shows the most information about your meeting recordings. You will see:

  • Date.
  • Meeting title. (editable by you) For MeetMe recordings, this is your MeetMe account nickname, usually the chairperson's name, with the date appended to the end in format YYYY-MM-DD.
  • Duration. The length of time in minutes and hours
  • Recording. Options available to you: download, phone replay, email details.
  • Expiration date. The date when the recording will automatically be deleted from the system.
  • Comment. (editable by you) This is an area where you can add a note to the listener page for people who missed your meeting. In your comment, you may want to give a brief description of the purpose or agenda of the meeting for your listeners. To add a comment, you need to expand the meeting details by clicking on the recording date.

IMPORTANT: Only current recordings are listed. Expired recordings are automatically deleted by the system and cannot be displayed in this view.

3. In this view, you can access the most important actions on your recording:





Download the recording file to your computer or mobile device.

Listen by phone

View the dial-in numbers and passcode required to listen by phone.


Creates an email template with the download link for this individual recording and/or the listen by phone details.

Depending on your MeetMe account settings, you may see only download or listen by phone options. Most account have both enabled.

4. To get more detailed information, click or tap on the date. This will show an expanded view of details.

Learn more about expanded view

Expanded view

1. To view more details about your recording, you need to expand the meeting details by clicking > to the left of the recording date.

2. You can view these fields.

  • Meeting type
  • Start time
  • Duration

3. You can edit these fields which all appear on the listener page. (The listener page is a unique page for an individual meeting recording which you can share with participants.)

  • Meeting title
  • File name
  • Comment for participants

The Save changes button only becomes clickable if you have made a change. Until then, it remains grey and disabled.

4. After editing these fields, you can:

  • Save changes


  • Discard changes

5. Then you can check how these changes look on the listener page before sharing with participants.

Click or tap Preview Listener page.

You can return to this page and make more changes as needed. If you don't see your changes, make sure you clicked Save changes.

Learn about Listener page.


1. Click the download icon .

2. You will see a new window with a table of file types, size, quality and a comment. Each file type has an i-icon that reveals more detailed information if you click on it.

For most users, MP3 is the best option and balance between file size and sound quality. If you need to edit and export into another format, you should use the much larger, higher fidelity WAV(PCM) format.

3. To download:

  1. Select the file format
  2. Click the Download button
  3. Your browser will save the recording to your computer

4. You can send a link to listener page by clicking on the email icon. Your recipient will have the option to download the recording in the format of their choice.

Read about email details.

Listen by phone

1. Click the phone icon .

2. You will see a new window with instructions, the PIN, and dial-in numbers.

To listen by phone:

  1. Dial one of the numbers
  2. At the prompt, enter the PIN, followed by #.

3. You can send this information by clicking on the email icon.

Read about email details.


Email details

1. To send the download or listen by phone information to your participants, click on the email icon.

2. This will create a new email in your default email application.

You can edit the email content before sending. For example, you may want to outline the topics discussed or only provide the download link or listen by phone details.


Delete recording

1. After you sign in, expand the meeting details by clicking > to the left of the recording date. 

2. Then click on Delete the recording button in the bottom right.

3. You will get a screen asking you to confirm. Click Delete


4. Your recording is now permanently deleted.

Help desk phone numbers

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